Step by Step: How to furnish your new home

A step by step guide for easy furnishing.

After signing the contract of your new house, here comes another journey; the one through which you will start the quest for reliable furniture that satisfies your family’s taste, of that of you and your partner if you are newly married. Furnishing your new home is an important stage.


Most people see this step is a mere waste of time. However, remember that your comfort always starts at the right choice of your furniture, which, if neglected, can lead to unpleasant consequences such as the feeling of discomfort and stability in your own home. That’s why we will guide you through this article, step by step, to furnish your new home.

Set Your Budget for furnishing your new home

It is very important to set your budget before you start looking for suitable furniture so that you don’t get disappointed if you exceed your budget or run out of money without buying all the essential items. You can follow the below steps to set your budget to furnish your home:

  • First, get familiar with prices in the market to put your plan on a solid basis.
  • Write down your budget and types of furniture you want to buy.
  • Write them down according to their priority; the highest priority first then follow them down with accessories and least-priority items.

Do Your Research

You should do your research extensively to get the best results and prices. So, don’t buy from the first place you visit, have a look at more than one store and see the furniture they sell. Then compare them in terms of style, prices and wood quality. Jot this down in a small notebook not to mix things up. Don’t forget to ask friends in your circle about their experiences and recommendations.

Choose Right

There are too many aspects that you should bear in mind when buying furniture for your new home:

1- Consider space and size of your rooms

Before choosing any item, make sure you know the space of each room so that you buy the right size that fit in nicely leaving enough room for moving around.

2- Consider the interior design of your house

Considering the interior design of your house is one of the techniques of buying the perfect furniture: You can ask yourself a couple of questions such as; what is the design of the reception room? is it an open room or L-shaped room? then write down all the details you might need and how many items you will need to cover the space.

3- Consider wall paint and floor colors

Lots of people make the mistake of not taking the wall paint and floor colors into consideration. Later on, after buying the furniture, such mistake results in a feeling of regret. To avoid being in this unpleasant situation, don’t forget to write down the colors of your wall paint and floors so that you choose the right furniture colors for your own eye comfort.

Furniture Style

To buy the right furniture, you should know about the different styles and which of them suits your house best.

For example, if you have a small house, then it’s better to buy modern furniture. On the other hand, Classic furniture is your best option if your house is big enough and you like luxurious finishes.

Here are the pros and cons of each of them:

1- Modern Furniture

The pros:

  • Suits small spaces
  • Easily repaired and disassembled
  • Comes in all shapes and colors
  • Affordable prices

The cons:

  • Lots of furniture stores sell modern furniture that is made of pressed wood or cardboard which quickly gets consumed. 

2- Classic Furniture

The pros:

  • Luxurious Finish
  • Made of the finest types of wood, such as Oak and Beech
  • Durable and rigid

The cons:

  • Very expensive
  • Large-sized and suits big houses
  • Not easily repaired due to the rare spare parts
  • Comes in a few traditional designs

Examine Every Piece

Do not ever hesitate to inspect each and every piece before you buy it, as long as this one of your rights to furnish your home properly.

Examine wood quality first, and do not get fooled by the shiny looks of the furniture, it could be made of cheap wood which affects its life span and makes it more prone to scratches and be damaged by water.

Check the knobs, drawers and doors of the cabinets and make sure they are being opened and closed smoothly.

Check the legs of the seats, sofas and tables, and make sure they are fixed in the places in a firm and professional way. Make sure also they are wooden not plastic.

If you’re still looking for a house or an apartment, visit to find a helping hand to buy or rent your future home.


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