The Polygon: Commercial Complex in Sheikh Zayed

The Polygon

Today, investing in new cities and high-end neighborhoods have become an influential factor in the success of any project. Therefore, it is necessary to know all details about the location and opportunities available before deciding on an investment. 

So, there is a great opportunity to reserve a real estate unit in The Polygon complex in Sheikh Zayed, which is developed by Sodic Developments. If you look for excellence, a high standard of living, and luxury, here are the details.

Details About The Polygon Project in Sheikh Zayed


The Polygon is one of the most prestigious and luxurious commercial complexes in the heart of Sheikh Zayed. The complex includes administrative and commercial units suitable for all activities. The complex is located in Sodic West Sheikh Zayed Compound, which has a distinctive location and provides great services. 

When you reserve a unit that is developed by Sodic, this means the success of your investment in the future. Sodic is a giant in the field of construction and development, which prompts you to start your investment in any of its projects.

Prime Location of The Polygon Project


The Polygon project is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, along the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and next to the British International School. The location of the project is a vibrant, dynamic, and multi-activity area and is equipped with all kinds of services and facilities. 

The project is also surrounded by all the commercial, health, and educational services, so it is suitable for many administrative activities.

An Overview About Sodic West Sheikh Zayed Compound


The compound is one of the largest projects that has been developed by the Sodic Developments Company. It has become a huge real estate complex and an integrated community equipped at the highest level with all facilities and services. The compound is located in the 16th Neighborhood of Sheikh Zayed which is a vital location that is near to various services residents need.

Sodic Developments: The Real Estate Developer of The Polygon Complex


Sodic Developments dates back to 1996. For two decades, The company has been achieving continuous success, as it is a trademark in the real estate and investment markets. 

It is one of the largest companies on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Its projects are distinguished by luxury and sophistication because they are designed on the latest contemporary methods.

Previous Works of Sodic Developments


The clear fingerprints that the company has carried out in the field of real estate development are as follows:

Advantages and Services of The Polygon Complex


  • The project enjoys a solida  infrastructure with complete facilities and services, including road and transport networks
  • A privileged location surrounded by vast green spaces and stunning artificial landscapes
  • Security and privacy at the highest levels, as it is monitored with the latest cameras 24 hours a day
  • A large number of high-end administrative offices in the polygon that can be used for many projects
  • A privileged location, as it is a link between Sodic West Compound and Central Cairo, due to its proximity to the new Axis of Rawd al-Farag
  • Close to all services of Sodic West Compound, including restaurants, cafes, health club, sports, international schools, commercial malls in the polygon, beauty salons, houses of worship
  • Varying prices according to the unit area to suit your specific budget for the project
  • Possibility to pay in installment over 4 years, after paying the down payment
  • A sophisticated environment to start a business or an investment, as it is like a European land in terms of services and benefits
  • A large secured and covered garage near the complex to ensure you save time searching for a place to park your car
  • Proximity to residential areas, which guarantees the success of the project because it is located amid a vital area
  • Regular cleaning and management services
  • Security access cards, a firefighting system, and smart energy handling

Types of Units in The Polygon Project


The project provides administrative units in Sheikh Zayed and offices of various areas and elegant designs.

Areas and Designs of Units in The Polygon Project


The Polygon complex consists of 11 buildings on an area of ​​more than 70 thousand square meters. Up to 200 square meters of such an area is dedicated to green spaces, which plays an important role in the aesthetic touch of the complex. 

The project is designed according to international specifications and standards with high-end full-service administrative offices. Besides, the project is under the supervision of the British architectural office Wilkinson Eyre, which is one of the most famous international architectural offices. The Polygon is named with such a name as it is shaped like a geometric polygon.

The areas of the office units in The Polygon complex vary, where the area of ​​the small administrative office starts from 68 square meters and may reach 900 square meters.

Prices of Units in The Polygon Project


The average price per square meter in Sheikh Zayed in The Polygon project ranges from EGP 36,000 to EGP 40,000.

Facilitated Payment Systems for Units in The Polygon Complex


There are various payment methods in the project, as it is possible to pay in cash or pay 15% of the total unit price as a down payment and the rest is paid in installments over 4 years. It is worth mentioning that the number of years might be increased as the area of the unit increases.


Advantages of Launching a Project in The Polygon


  • The Polygon project is the first office complex in Sheikh Zayed with the latest designs and contemporary technologies
  • The Polygon represents your ideal choice for investment if you search for a unique and integrated spacious office space with facilities, a car garage, and a privileged location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed
  • The Polygon provides you with all amenities and sophistication, as it provides a modern concept for luxurious offices with reasonable costs for services
  • The project was awarded the Best Mixed-Use Commercial Project at Cityscape Real Estate Expo 2013
  • It is possible to immediately receive the unit and start your project, as units are fully equipped and ready to be used


Know all details about The Polygon project, the first integrated administrative complex in Sodic West Sheikh Zayed Compound. It is developed by SODIC Developments and will change your concept of traditional office spaces.


Know the average price in Sheikh Zayed!

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