Torath Mall: A Huge Commercial Mall in the New Capital

Torath Mall in the New Capital

Businessmen and company owners are looking for commercial and administrative units with special specifications that will help them achieve the highest return from their projects with diversified commercial activities. This and more was able to provide the Torath Mall in the New Administrative Capital to its customers to meet all their requirements.


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Details of Torath Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


Torath Mall in the New Administrative Capital was called that name because it was able to combine many civilizations in its different and distinguished genius design, as it combined the Pharaonic civilization, the Islamic civilization, and the Roman civilization, to feel as if you are in a separate world that takes you through time to many different civilizations.


Location of Torath Mall Near the Ministries District and the Green River


Torath Mall is located in a distinguished strategic location, which prompted many customers to search for their units, whether commercial or administrative units, to take advantage of the distinguished location of the mall, which was a major reason for the great demand for the mall. 


Torath Mall is located at the eastern entrance to the Downtown Real Estate District in the New Administrative Capital. 


The Downtown area is one of the most famous and prestigious areas in the Administrative Capital, where the mall has a direct view of a street with a width of about 120 square meters, and the mall is located near the most important roads and axes in the Administrative Capital, such as the Ring Road and the Mohammed bin Zayed North Axis.


Torath Mall also occupies a privileged location near many important landmarks and high-end neighborhoods in the Administrative Capital such as the Government District, Ministries District, Heritage and Arts District, Green River, the iconic tower in the new capital, Gold Souk, and finally near the Monorail train station. Increasing the percentage of turnout at the mall, which increased the percentage of profit and sales.


The Real Estate Developer of Torath Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Al-Aziz Real Estate Development is one of the leading real estate companies that has left a clear imprint in the real estate market in Egypt through its modern designs and use of the latest technology that makes the lives of its customers more comfortable and luxurious.


Al-Aziz Real Estate Development Company has been able to demonstrate its skill and ability to keep pace with the latest designs by using the latest technological means with more than 30 years of experience of sophistication and distinction.


Previous Works of Al-Aziz Real Estate Development Company


Al-Aziz Real Estate Development Company has extensive experience that enabled it to complete many projects, whether in the field of roads, construction, infrastructure, or large commercial and residential projects. Among its most prominent works are the following:


In the field of infrastructure and roads


It built real estate in the third district in Beit Watan in the Fifth Settlement, Gamal Abdel Nasser Road in the 6th of October City, Al-Jazeera Road that connects the Fifth Settlement and Ain Sukhna, the Yasmine neighborhood in the Fifth Settlement, and it has also implemented an asphalt station in the Fifth Settlement.


In the field of commercial and residential projects


Villas in the second district, Gardenia buildings, Al-Aziz Building project in front of Al-Rehab city real estate, The Mall in the northern 90th Street, in addition to Al-Aziz Mosque in Al-Andalus district, Al-Aziz factory in the industrial zone of the Fifth Settlement.


Features of Torath Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Torath Mall is distinguished by its privileged location in the heart of the Administrative Capital, as its location played an important role in attracting a large number of residents due to its proximity to the most important landmarks in the Administrative Capital. 


Some of them include the Ministries District and real estate in the financial and business district, and near the Al Masa Hotel, the Gold Souk, and the Iconic Tower


Its different and genius design, which combined many Pharaonic, Islamic, and Roman civilizations, attracted art lovers and those who enjoy learning about different cultures and civilizations


Its proximity to the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which is the lifeline of the New Administrative Capital, in addition to its proximity to the Ring Road and the Monorail train station, all facilitated access to the mall


A wonderful investment opportunity for owners of companies or shops to own their place in the heart of the administrative capital’s real estate, which is one of the first distinguished places for the owners of the high class and aristocracy

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Available Services in Torath Mall in the New Capital


Torath Mall offers an innovative set of services to its customers to be a commercial and administrative mall in the new capital, integrated with services whose first goal is to satisfy customers and meet their needs. 


Among the most prominent services in Turath Mall are the following:


  • A wide range of the most famous restaurants and cafes that offer delicious dishes and cuisine from all countries of the world to enjoy a delicious meal in an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Surveillance cameras and alarms that work in the event of any emergency such as earthquakes, fires, or thefts, to be dealt with immediately and evacuated to the site of the event
  • Central air conditioning to reduce temperatures in the summer and provide a refreshing and quiet atmosphere
  • A dedicated car garage so that customers who frequent the mall, as well as owners of commercial and administrative units, can find safe and designated places for their cars
  • Shops specializing in the best international brands and famous brands so that you can find all the personal and household items you are looking for
  • High-speed Internet to provide an easy work environment for employees and owners of administrative units to get their work done quickly and effortlessly
  • Escalators and elevators with panoramic glass facades, with a large capacity to accommodate the largest number of visitors
  • Rooms equipped at the highest level of technology to receive seminars, conferences and hold meetings
  • 24-hour security and security to maintain the security and safety of the mall and the people in it
  • Bathrooms on every floor plus a cleaning team.


Types of Units in Torath Mall 


The units in Torath Mall in the New Administrative Capital are divided into commercial units and administrative units. The units are delivered fully finished and complete with facilities as well.


Areas of Units in Torath Mall in the New Capital


The total area of ​​Turath Mall in the New Administrative Capital is about 2,146 square meters, and it consists of a ground floor and ten upper floors, where the ground floor, the first and second floors were allocated to shops, and from the third to the tenth floor, they were allocated to administrative units.


The areas of the units vary and vary as the areas of commercial units start from 28 square meters up to 58 square meters, while the administrative units in the New Capital start from 31 square meters up to 49 square meters.


Various Payment Systems in Torath Mall in the New Capital


You can choose the payment system that suits you from 5 different systems:


  • 10% downpayment and the rest in installments over 6 years
  • 15% downpayment and the rest in installments over 7 years
  • 20% downpayment and the rest in installments over 8 years
  • 25% downpayment and the rest in installments over 9 years
  • 30% downpayment and the rest in installments over 10 years


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