What are the well-Known Compounds in Heliopolis?

In this article, you will know about the compounds in Heliopolis,

Many investors have given much attention and poured their investments in the city of New Heliopolis, which isn’t strange due to many factors that make the city unique and demanded by residents.

Residents choose these new cities for better living and developer invest more and more in making better compounds with more services and features whether in New Heliopolis or other cities.

The city of New Heliopolis hosts many excellent compounds including Medallion compound that has great architecture and wide green areas. Also, jewels compound which offers landscapes and garages. Both projects offer various payment plans with installments up to 7 years.

Moreover, the prime compound is one of the best in the city of New Heliopolis as it offers security services in addition to all the mentioned services. Al Masa, La Vida, Sodic East and future city are also among the excellent compounds in the city.

Names of the best Heliopolis compounds 

  • Future City
  • Al Masa
  • Jewels
  • La Vida
  • Sodic East
  • The Prime
  • Medallion

In this article, we are sharing all the details related to the projects in Heliopolis city. Most of the projects in the city share some of the features including green areas, payment facilities in addition to the variety of the offered units.

Future City 

Lies on an area of 25,000 square meters, out of which 10,000 square meters go for green areas. The compound lies at one of the best districts in New Heliopolis city which is the fifth district.

The compound has 11 buildings each of them has only 4 floors. The areas of the apartments range from 100 square meters to 205 square meters with payment plans that support up to 10 year installments. The proven also offers swimming pools and other services.

Al Masah 

A small compound with only 5 buildings, which has many services and features including: gyms, water passages and security services.


The compound lies in the fourth district of New Heliopolis and is designed in a style similar to the famous district Korba in Heliopolis. It consists of 11 buildings with units of areas ranging between 200 and 330 square meters. Deposits start at 10 percent of the unit price.


A relatively larger compound with 28 buildings built on 3 stages. Each building has only 4 floors with 3 entrances. The project has landscapes, green areas and various areas of units.

Features of New Heliopolis and investment in it

What makes New Heliopolis an advantage is that it’s away from the crowdedness but at the same time, “it’s not isolated.”

In addition to being luxurious and quite, the city is near Suez road and the Ring road and is full of services including commercial ones.

Among the available services in the city are schools, malls, parks and gyms. It offers payment plans for up to 7 and 10 years with deposit of 10 percent only.

But the location of the city is not only an advantage for housing but also for real estate investment, but how? The city’s proximity to the administrative capital will increase its prices in the future significantly, especially as the new capital will become the destination of the future.

The prices of the units in New Heliopolis city now aren’t too high and are expected to jump, especially as two major projects are being developed in the city over an area of more than 700 feddans, besides a major entertainment city.

This makes it clear that the new city of Heliopolis is an opportunity for long-term real estate investment.

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