Your Guide to the Address Compound in Sheikh Zayed

In this article, you will know more details about Address Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Address Compound is one of the most luxurious residential compounds in 6th of October City, it’s the perfect choice for all who want to live in Sheikh Zayed, established by Dorra Group and designed with the latest architectural technology. The compound was built by the world’s design experts, and the best architectural consultants, who designed the compound according to the latest architectural standards, both in its residential units and in its entire design providing the perfect atmosphere for both you and your family. 

The Address Compound is one of the well-polished compounds in Sheikh Zayed. The project is featured with a group of key services, utilities and outstanding features that serve all residents and visitors. It is constructed over an area of ​​156,000 square meters equal to 37 feddans, 80% Of the total area of the project is occupied by vast green spaces and artificial lakes; to provide a comfortable environment for all residents.

All of the aforementioned information is what gave The Address Compound its geographical importance, renowned for its clean and calm atmosphere with perfectly planned services facilities and units, built on an area of 37 feddans where only 20% is dedicated for buildings and the rest 80% for vast green spaces which provides a breathtaking marvelous view for all residents. 

The Address offers two models of residential units: Model (C) City Hall and (D) Discovery.

Information about the Real Estate Developer

Dorra Group Corporation is one of the largest real estate giants in the region, well-known for its high quality work and dazzling designs, with a long experience that approximates 50 years. Dorra Group owners proved themselves in the real estate market since the company’s early days in 1943. The company gained a lot of experience in real estate market and strongly competed its competitors during its long journey as it usually offers a high quality and integrated services to its customers. The company provides a huge number of projects such as: Residential projects, resorts, shopping malls, commercial and administrative offices, educational services.

Location of The Address Compound 

The Address Compound location is chosen carefully in the heart of the best districts in Sheikh Zayed and is believed to be the most attractive factor that attracts clients in the first place, built on an area of 156,000 square meters equal to 37 feddans 15 minutes away from Lebanon Square in Mohandessin near 26th of July Corridor, 20 minutes away from Maadi through Al Moneeb Bridge which offers a noise-free atmosphere away from capital’s pollution and disturbance and near all work sites, institutions and government services in Grand Cairo.

Areas of Units in The Address Compound 

The compound offers a group of splendid residential units, with different designs and models to meet individuals and families needs divided into two models (C) and (D).

Model (C) City Hall: City Hall Apartments are designed on the highest levels with outstanding architectural design and consists of: a ground floor with 3 other floors, and a residential unit consists of 16 apartment with 4 apartments on each floor. The area of apartments range from 101 up to 138 square meters, most units overlook open green spaces, swimming pools and Sport tracks, and all ground floor units have yards.

Model (D) Discovery: Discovery apartments are characterized by its elegant luxurious design consisting of: a ground floor with 3 other floors, and a residential unit consists of 16 apartment with 4 apartments on each floor. The areas of apartment range from 78 up to 134 square meters, and most units overlook open green spaces, swimming pools and Sports tracks, all ground floor units have yards. 

Designs of Units in The Address Compound

  • High-level interior designs that offers you the choice between modern and classic finishes, exterior finishes are designed on the latest architecture standards
  • Barbecue Venues on rooftops
  • Elevators for each building
  • Central shower for all units
  • American kitchens are provided to meet customer needs for additional prices
  • Special finishing specifications such as: Beige colored porcelain and HDF floors for bedrooms and living rooms, ceramics, ceramics, different interior paint colors, mosaic wood for all rooms and doors, sanitation utilities, mixers for bathrooms, kitchens and sinks from Ideal Standard Company, electric panels and lighting units, marble stairs and entrances, lighting for both entrances and stairs, aluminum doors,  elevators from Schindler Company, washable exterior paints and ground floor yards

Available Services in The Address Compound 

The project offers a huge number of high-level services and public utilities steps away from you to meet your everyday needs, which provide luxury and privacy for all residents of the compound.

Services are as follows: 

  • 24/7 active security services, and iron gates to secure entry and exit
  • Commercial and administrative areas
  • Swimming pool
  • Open gardens and artificial lakes
  • A social club and spas located steps away from your residential unit to keep you and your family members entertained
  • Sports playgrounds designed on the highest standards
  • Pedestrian gates leading to commercial services centers, restaurants and cafes
  • Parking for all units
  • Entertainment venues for both children and adults
  • International schools

*Please note that all prices in the article are subject to change according to various factors and we at Aqarmap are constantly updating our prices guide for districts to keep customers informed about the continuous updates in the real estate market in addition to our Aqarmap Real Estate Index.

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