Enjoy a Luxury Living Experience at Al Rabwa Compound – Sheikh Zayed

An elegant and luxurious lifestyle is everybody’s dream, but from a residential perspective what does luxury really mean? For some people, it’s getting many exclusive privileges. For others, it’s maybe just living in any gated community, and some people think living away from the city hustle is a luxury on its own. But if we tell you: there’s a place that provides all that and so much more? Al Rabwa is an amazing compound in Sheikh Zayed full of promises of a truly luxurious life. Whatever your image of a perfect home is, you’re guaranteed to find it in Al Rabwa!

The Developer Behind Al Rabwa Compound

Talaat Moustafa Group is a massively famous real estate development company, you must have heard about them. Their business initiated in the 70’s, and just kept skyrocketing since then. So many residential, commercial, administrative projects, and even some top-notch hotels; Talaat Moustafa Group’s projects occupy 8 million square meters in all of Egypt!

Some of Their Other Projects 

  1. Al Rawda Al Khadra village
  2. El Rehab
  3. MayFair Compound 
  4. Celia Resort
  5. Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel in Cairo
  6. Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo
  7. Four Seasons San Stefano
  8. Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh Resort

A Glimpse Inside Al Rabwa Compound

Without a doubt, Al Rabwa is one of the most beautiful compounds in Sheikh Zayed. It’s one of Talaat Moustafa Group’s smaller projects, but that’s not a downside at all. This compound has it all; the vast landscapes, the exclusive services, and the glorious designs. Al Rabwa consists of mostly villas that don’t exceed two floors. So, would you like your new villa to look over beautiful gardens? Or maybe you’d rather look at amazing artificial lakes from your window. Either way, you get to choose the perfect villa with a view that suits you! Not only that, but the compound was built highly above sea level. Which means you will get to enjoy a clean, fresh environment all year round. 

Great Services in Al Rabwa

Residents of Al Rabwa in Sheikh Zayed enjoy many important services, including:

  1. Security services
  2. A mosque
  3. A shopping mall
  4. Landscapes and golf courts
  5. Supermarkets
  6. Full maintenance services 
  7. Clinics, sports fields, and more
  8. Artificial lakes and swimming pools
  9. A private garage for each unit

Privileges You’ll Get in Al Rabwa

What’s a lush life without a few – or in this case, a lot! – of privileges? Living in Al Rabwa means:

  1. You’ll get to live in Talaat Moustafa Group’s most beautiful compound
  2. Living above sea level, with a chance to enjoy a fresh environment 
  3. Your privacy is absolutely guaranteed
  4. You’ll enjoy many amazing exclusive services, just think about all the greenery and artificial lakes!

Location of Al Rabwa Compound

Al Rabwa is located in Sheikh Zayed stretching over 500 acres of space. It lies next to 6th of October and Lebanon Square, and it’s only 10 minutes from the Alexandria-Cairo Desert Highway. 

What’s So Unique About Al Rabwa’s Location?

Solely being located in Sheikh Zayed is a privilege on its own. This city is one of the modern ones in Greater Cairo, only been up since the mid 90’s. And mind you, it’s not a small one either, as it’s about 10,000 acres big. You’ll find getting in and out of this city fairly easy, as it lies next to 6th of October and other vital districts and streets. It’s even very close to the Pyramids of Giza!

Sheikh Zayed is divided into other small areas, namely being from the First to the Sixteenth Neighborhood and Al Thawra Al Khadra.

Amazing Things To Expect From Sheikh Zayed

  1. It’s beautifully designed and laid out, where the streets are organized and greenery fills the whole area. 
  2. The city includes all basic services, including medical, educational, and sports services. Above that, there are also several shopping malls, cafes, and places for worship. 

It’s loaded with compounds. Some examples are Farida Heights, Al Rabwa, Life Park and so many more

Prices in Al Rabwa

This compound includes about 600 gloriously designed villas of two stories. Spaces vary, including 220 square meters, 450 square meters, 480 square meters, 750 square meters, 780 square meters, 800 square meters, 930 square meters and even more. Prices in Al Rabwa range from EGP5,600,000 up to over EGP11,500,000. 

* It is worth mentioning that the prices mentioned in this article are subject to change, and we, in Aqarmap, are continuously keen on updating the neighborhood price list, so that the customer becomes aware of the changes taking place in the real estate market, as well as we measure the demand indexes via Aqarmap index.

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