More about the best villas in Sheikh Zayed

A city of tranquility and upscale housing, with gardens spread everywhere, carefully planned streets, and excellent temperature most of the year; it is Sheikh Zayed city.

It is an integrated city that guarantees you to get all the services at the highest quality.

Moreover, there are many malls, the best restaurants and cafes, and medical services are readily available.

As for educational services, many universities, whether private or public, are close to you, such as Cairo University.

Here are the best villas in Sheikh Zayed you can own, which will guarantee a double dose of luxury and comfort:

Villas in Moon Land compound

Moon Land compound offers villas of 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, terrace, reception, kitchen, with an area of 330 m2.

With its location in Sheikh Zayed, each villa encompasses one floor and a roof.

In addition, there are different types of finishing, including: fully finished villa, super lux finishing, air conditioning distributed over rooms.

It is attached to a garden with a great view, and it is ready for immediate delivery, as well.

The compound is located on Al Nozha St., the main street of Sheikh Zayed.

Moreover, the complex contains all services, from a health and social club, to commercial and entertainment centers, and to the latest restaurants and cafes.

Of course, you will get the security component at the highest level.

The meter price is EGP 18,182, and is available in cash or in installments.

Townhouse in  SODIC compound in Sheikh Zayed

The villa in Townhouse contains 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2-room reception, with an area of 232 m2. Villas will be delivered semi-finished.

The villa is attached to a garden, located inside Fun SODIC, which lies on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, and only 6 minutes away from Sphinx International Airport.

It has a private entrance from the central axis, besides it is only 15 minutes away from the Grand Museum.

Fun SODIC is one of the projects of the giant SODIC Co. which sits on the throne of real estate development companies in Egypt. This refers to its credibility with its clients in terms of quality and accuracy in implementing projects as planned.

The complex is built on a huge area up to 500 feddans, as it includes wide green spaces and artificial lakes with an impressive design.

It also has many recreational services such as clubs, cafes, restaurants, a gym, and a walking and cycling walkway, in addition to nature centers and a special area for children.

The price per square meter is EGP 25,000. Payment is available in cash or in installments, with a 5% down payment and installments up to 8 years.

Villa in Safwa compound

You can get a wonderful villa in Safwa Compound which lies in Sheikh Zayed City. The Compound exists in front of Zewail City next to Green Hills.

The villa contains 6 bedrooms, including a master room attached with bathroom, 4 bathrooms, 2 roofs, kitchen and 3-piece reception.

The villa is 380 m2 and includes a magnificent garden and is fully super lux finished.

Safwa compound provides the residents with all possible services for an integrated life. It includes:

  • Sporting Club and Social Club
  • A number of cafes and restaurants.
  • Spa
  • Medical center
  • Golf areas
  • Special area for kids.
  • Walking and cycling paths.

The meter price is EGP 15,789 and is available in cash or in installments. It is also available for immediate receipt.

Villa in Royal Meadows in Sheikh Zayed

The villa contains 5 rooms attached to 5 bathrooms, a reception that is divided into 5 pieces. It is attached to a garden.

The villa covers an area of 100 m2. It is fully finished, and you can receive it immediately.

It is located in Royal Meadows compound; which is one of the best and finest Sheikh Zayed compounds.

To clarify, Royal Meadows is one of the projects of ARCO EGYPT, and it lies at the first entrance to the 6th of October City.

Moreover, it is a few minutes away from the Pyramids of Giza and the Grand Egyptian Museum. It covers an area of 240 feddans.

The compound also contains a variety of residential units including villas, townhouses and twin houses.

You will have a complete privacy, as sufficient spaces separate between the villas, for more luxury and a wonderful full view.

The meter price is EGP 10,000. The unit is available in cash or in installments.

Villa in Jedar compound in Sheikh Zayed

The villa includes 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, in addition to a living room and a kitchen, a roof and a terrace, a reception and a dining room.

The area of the villa is 334 m2. It is located in Jedar compound, which is next to Safwa compound, at the entrance of Sheikh Zayed. Moreover, it is a few minutes away from Mall of Arabia.

Jedar compound is one of IWAN Group’s projects. It is located near all available services, whether in Sheikh Zayed or the 6th of October. 

Most of the compound area is dedicated to green areas, artificial lakes, and swimming pools.

In addition to the availability of a social and sports club, a specialized medical center, a gym, and a jogging and a bike track.

There are many recreational services, whether for children or adults, restaurants, cafes and clothing stores for the most famous international brands.

The meter price is EGP 21,115. The unit is available in cash or in installments.

 Live a life of comfort, luxury and calm, and choose to live in Sheikh Zayed.

*The prices mentioned in this article are changeable. In Aqarmap, we always ensure to update the price list of neighborhood in order to the customer be aware of the changes taking place in the real estate market, as well as to measure demand via Aqarmap indicator.

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