All What You Need to Know About New Administrative Capital

Learn more about the new administrative capital of Egypt, its location, services, smart infrastructure and transportation.

The New Administrative Capital is a smart Egyptian city that is being built to solve the problem of dense traffic in Cairo, beside its pollution and high population density. The city was planned to include the country’s administrative buildings including the ministries,  presidential palace, parliament, and embassies. All of those entities are planned to be operating from there between 2020 and 2022. 

The total area of the new city is 700,000 kilometers which theoretically can welcome 7,000,000 residents when it is fully built. The first stage of the city is set to be opened in 2020 after 5 years of hard work since the announcement of the city and the start of its building operations. 

The projects is also set to refresh the Egyptian economy while offering many job opportunities. During the process of building the city, around 170,000 job opportunities were offered. 

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What Does A Smart City Mean? 

The New Administrative Capital was designed to be a smart city, which means that the latest technologies were utilized to make the life of its residents easier. The infrastructure of the city, its streets and buildings all work together to offer the best solutions provided by the world’s latest technologies. This also means the city utilizes renewable energy while optimizing its usage. 

Where Is the New Administrative Capital Located? 

The location of the New Administrative Capital is strategic as it lies at 35 kilometers east of Cairo between Suez and Cairo roads and is also at only 60 kilometers from Ain El Sokhna. 

How Can You Reach the New Administrative Capital? 

An integrated transportation networks is set to launch to connect between the  New Administrative Capital with Cairo districts. Also, an electric train will be established to connect between Cairo’s Metro with the city through Adli Mansour station. A monorail is also set to connect the airport of the city with other cities in Egypt. 

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What Are the Features of the New Administrative Capital? 

The New Administrative Capital will be covered with green surfaces and will have a green belt with a length of 35 kilometers. It also has a central park inside its heart that is double the area of New York City’s Central Park. 

One of the features of the new city is its comprehensive services as it has residential units, a sports city, a medical city, 2000 educational buildings and 6 international universities.

A technological park is also part of the plans for the city in addition to a media production city and a convention center. The financial district is also set to welcome the Egyptian stock beside branches of the major banks in Egypt. 

What Are the Services in the New Administrative Capital? 

All the services that the residents of the city will need will be available as soon as the first stage is launched. Hospital, clinics, mosques, churches, hotels, theatres, parks and even a large zoo will be available.

The sports city will have a stadium, playgrounds for various sports and a Roman theater. The cultural services will include a science and technology museum in addition to an observatory and an opera house. 

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What Are the Best Compounds in the New Administrative Capital? 

There is a number of large compounds in the new city, each with its own features and design including Il Bosco, Midtown, La Capital and others. 

The New Administrative Capital can  be considered as a new hope for Egypt, especially Cairo that will have its pressure relieved after years.

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