7 tips for choosing your apartment furniture

In this article, Aqarmap provides you with information about choosing your apartment furniture.

Choose your apartment furniture … Preparing and planning

If you are a bride who prepares her apartment, and is confused about the types of furniture, “Is it better prepared or specially-made furniture?” Here are 7 tips for choosing your apartment furniture.

If you have special designs and colors that you want to implement, you will take the direction of buying specially-made furniture, that is, manufactured in carpentry workshops from scratch.

But before going to the carpenter, you need to know a few things to choose practical and durable furniture, and not all of your choice will be based on decor and colors. you will need to balance between the two things to protect the furniture , to be durable, cheerful, and elegant, and to dazzle everyone who sees it at the same time.

Before choosing your apartment furniture

First of all, you should visit your future home, take room sizes more than once and choose the size of the furniture, according to the size of the rooms in addition to furniture designs that match the size of the rooms, so as not to be surprised that the size of the furniture is greater than the size of your apartment, which makes it jammed and messy.

When choosing wood, you should knock it down. If you find the sound muffled, the wood has a good quality and is called “counter”. If you find the sound blank, the wood is considered “not pure” and it will not be durable with you.

It is also better for you to use pure wood than decorated wood, as the decorated would be broken.

Finally, make sure to choose wood colors in low light; strong lighting changes the color of the wood and makes it lighter in color.

Choose colors and fabrics that are appropriate for the function of the room, for example, the living room is the living room and you often eat in it, so avoid light colors such as white and pale brown, for easy dirt, but this does not prevent you from choosing pleasant colors.

Also, make sure to purchase strong materials for your luggage, so that they do not damage as easily as linen or tweed.

Check your furniture carefully before purchasing

Examine the corners of the furniture thoroughly for a nail or part that is not painted very well.

Make sure the drawers are open and closed properly, that the handles are well secured, and the doors open without a whiz.

Make sure that the legs of the chairs and sofas are made of strong wood, and do not choose them to be metal not to harm your apartment ceramics, and to stay in a good condition for a long time.

When choosing furniture paint, it is preferred to “MATT Paint” than “glossy”, although most of the girls are attracted to glossy paint and its high price, it is subject to deformation and is difficult to treat in contrast to the easy “MATT” paint.

The most important pieces of furniture in your home

The bed of Bedroom

One of the most important pieces of furniture, it should be comfortable and warm to enjoy a quiet sleep after a hard day, so make sure to choose a good and solid type of wood such as beech and oak.

Also,  the design of the bed is very important, the more separate the head of the bed from the rest of the bed, the stronger and more reliable it will be. Choose the size of your bed based on the size of your room, and don’t just be attracted to the designs.

If your bedroom is large, do not exaggerate the size of your bed, but take advantage of the empty space in the design of a quiet board of two armchairs and a table between them to read and watch TV.


It is an essential piece indispensable in any home, and the most consumable pieces of furniture; so you have to choose a durable and comfortable one. At the same time, it should be amazing and in harmony, you must coordinate the colors and spaces between them and the furniture pieces attached to them from chairs and a table, to facilitate movement in the room.

When purchasing it, define your goal, including: Will you use it to sit with your family in front of the TV? Or will you allocate it for the guests?

If you use them to sit on them most of the day, they should be comfortable before anything, broad, and have comfortable back cushions made of fiber and not spongy, because they are not affected by leaning.

Choose a strong fabric that can withstand stains like cotton and fibers, and dark colors so that it does not get dirty easily.

If their use is limited to welcoming guests, then you have an opportunity to choose your sizes, designs, and fabrics such as silk and marigolds without worries.

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