Your guide to modern bathroom designs

In this article, Aqarmap will provide you with a guide to most popular modern designs for bathrooms and raw materials used in bathrooms in 2020, in addition to appropriate designs for small-sized bathrooms.

Now, many modern designs for home bathrooms in various materials are available unlike last years; as technology has made a breakthrough in designs and decoration. Therefore, many solutions for area problems have been found. Decoration companies have considered designs of small-sized bathrooms as a challenge, and competed to provide many appropriate designs for small-sized bathrooms, not less beautiful than designs for large-sized ones.

Recent designs of bathroom wall and floors in 2020

Interior designers have launched modern collections for bathroom designs, among of which the following collections:

Marble and Granite designs

Marble and granite are of the most luxurious designs for bathroom floors and walls. The modern colors of which are:

  • Beige shades along with light brown
  • Black
  • Engraved white
  • Golden brown
  • Grayish white

Ceramic designs

Ceramics and tiles are of the most popular choices for bathroom floors and walls, while the latest fashion trends for 2020 are: Light beige, dark green and gray shades.

Stone wall designs for bathrooms

A stone wall is one of the most outstanding modern designs for bathrooms and wall. You can apply it on one of your bathroom walls, it is preferably to be the wall. Such a wall will give your bathroom a luxurious look.

Latest home bathroom decorations 

After choosing the walls and floors for a bathroom, then comes the stage of choosing furniture, where thousands of designs are available annually in various shapes and materials. In this article, we will provide you with the latest home bathroom interior designs for 2020, such as:

White design for bathroom decoration

White is always unique; so you can choose bathroom decorations in full white, or just having the bathroom sink and bathtub in white, and choose the closet in burnt brown.

Brown-white design for bathroom decoration

Brown-white is one of the modern colors of bathroom decorations, where the design of the bathroom sink is to be white and decorated with brownish marble or granite. Also, the internal design of the bathtub is to be white with an external cover of brownish marble or granite.

White-gray design for bathroom decoration

It is the same idea of ​​the brown-white design, where the sink and bathtub are to have a white internal design with an external cover of a layer of unique greyish marble or granite.

Modern and practical small-sized bathroom designs 

In recent years, small areas are no longer a problem after developments made in the world of decoration. Therefore, we are here providing you with the latest modern designs for the small-sized bathrooms for 2020:

Full white design

Some people prefer to choose the easiest design in the world of decoration to solve the problem of small areas, which is the use of white color for walls, floor and decoration. Also, you can choose this simple and elegant design for a small-sized bathroom.

Outline design

Outline design for walls is one of the recent bathroom designs for this year, which is a fascinating solution for extending the space, as well as having a wonderful look. Yellow and white colors are of the latest double-colors used for wall outline designs; both will give the bathroom an additional space, after choosing both the sink and bathtub in white color.

Baby blue design

Use Baby Blue shades for small-sized bathroom walls, floors and decorations, as they are of the colors chosen by expert decorators for the new year’s fashion. This color fits the small-sized bathroom, as it is a light and easy-on-the-eyes color.

Light beige design

If you want a simple bathroom design, choose light beige shades for floors and walls along with a white or off-white shades decoration. This design will make your bathroom looks wider and you can add a burnt brownish small closet under the sink to pervade the light color of the bathroom.

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