10 Compounds You Need to Check in New Capital

Details about the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital is the newest city of all the Egyptian national projects. It is considered as the most famous project in the Middle East in recent times; as it is located in Cairo, the most famous capitals of the Middle East and the world, as well as, it is established in an extraordinary architectural style that copes with the world-class standards. The city of the New Capital features a wide range of compounds and tourist resorts.

Here are the best 10 Compounds in New Capital

Tiba Rose Compound, New Capital

One of the most luxurious residential compounds in New Capital; developed by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority – Tiba Rose Association- on a massive area of 150 acers. 

Types of Units in Tiba Rose Compound 

Tiba Rose Compound, New Capital offers a vary of the residential units including, villas, apartments, and twin-houses 


  • Lavish Landscapes
  •  Swimming pools
  • 24/7 Security Services
  • Commercial Centers 
  • Sports club
  • Entertainment Center

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Al Maqsed, City Edge Compound

A luxury residential project by City Edge Developments; it is located in the heart of the New Capital of 211 acres.

Types of Units Al Maqsad

The residential units in Al Maqasad Compound vary between villas of various types (independents, townhouses, twin houses), which are available in luxurious areas starting from 370 m²

Available Services in the Compound 

  • Garages
  • Clubs 
  • Green Landscapes.
  • 2/7 Security system.
  • Running Tracks
  • Kids’ Area

La Vista City Compound in New Capital

La Vista City Compound is one of the largest and newest compounds in the New Capital. It is located on 910 acres and is designed on the highest levels of modern architecture.

Types of Units in La Vista City Compound

La Vista City Compound is a compound dedicated to luxury villas only with its various types. The average area of the residential units in La Vista City is about 300 m².

Available Services in La Vista Compound

  • Medical and educational services
  • Green landscapes
  • 24/7 security system
  • Entertainment services


Midtown Condo Compound in New Capital

Midtown Condo – a 60-acre compound – is one of the most famous compounds in the New Capital compounds. It is developed by Better Home Group.

Types of Units in Midtown Condo 

Midtown Condo offers mainly residential apartments with areas starting from 120 m². 

Available Services in Midtown Condo

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Clubs and lavish green landscapes
  • Gardens and barbecue areas
  • Shopping malls
  • Swimming pools and lakes

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Atika Compound, New Capital

Atika is a 35-acre residential compound in the New Capital. It is developed by New Plan Developments.

Types of Units in Atika Compound

Atika offers different types of residential units: penthouses, duplex, and apartments . Their area start from 70 m².

Available Services in Atika

  • Shopping mall
  • Library
  • Hotel
  • Medical center
  •  Swimming pools
  • 24/7 Security System
  • Gym


Pukka Compound, New Capital

Pukka New Capital is a 40-acre residential compound by Master Build Group, which has been developed in an ultra-modern level.

Types of Units in Pukka

The units in Pukka vary between penthouses, apartments, apartments with garden, clinics, and commercial shops. Areas of residential areas start from 99 m².

Available Services in Pukka

  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • Shopping center 
  • Health club
  • Swimming pools
  • Kids’ Area
  • Green landscapes
  • Restaurants and cafes 
  • Medical center


Armonia Compound in New Capital

Armonia is a 42-acre residential compound in New Capital City, developed by The Land Developers. It is considered one of the finest compounds in the New Capital.

Types of Units Armonia

Armonia Compound features a variety of residential units: duplex, apartments, and villas. Areas of units in Armonia Compound start from 80 M².

Available Services in Armonia

  • Shopping mall 
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • 24/7 Security system
  • Kids’ area
  • Swimming pools
  • Medical services
  • Playgrounds


The Loft Compound, New Capital 

The Loft is a 23-acre residential compound, perfectly located in the New Capital City. It’s developed by Living Yards Developments and designed in the style of fine English architecture.

Types of Units in The Loft

The Loft’s residential units range from penthouses, apartments, studio, and duplexes. Units’ areas start from 78 M².

Available Services in The Loft

  • 24/7 Security services
  • Kids’ areas
  • Shopping centers
  • Spa
  • Garages
  • Lakes
  • Swimming pools
  • Barbecue areas


Celia Compound, New Capital

One of the most prestigious residential developments in New Capital City; it is built on an area of up to 500 acres by Talaat Moustafa Group. 

Types of Units

Celia compound offers different types of residential units including, apartments and villas, which are also available in different areas starting from 77 M².

Available Services

  • Shopping center
  • Swimming pools and clubs
  • Mosque
  • Nursery and schools


Scenario Compound, New Capital

Scenario is a 39 acre residential compound in New Capital City; by Akam New Capital Developments.

Types of Units

Scenario Compound features a number of residential units including, apartments and duplex with different areas starting from 115 M².

Available Services

  • Social club
  • Man-made lakes
  • Health club
  •  Lavish green landscapes 
  • Theater, cinema, and a gym
  • Shopping mall

It is good to mention that New Capital City is the new destination of the most famous and leading real estate developers in Egypt and the whole world.

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