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Sheikh Zayed is one of New Giza Governorate’s cities, which was established in 1995 using a grant from the government of the United Arab Emirates. The city is located near to 6th of October City, and about 28 km away from Cairo. It’s characterized by quietness, the availability of numerous gardens, and its fine weather compared to Cairo.

Moreover, it’s a city of comprehensive services; including schools, hospitals, and markets.

Sheikh Zayed has been perfectly planned, however; it’s considerably far from Cairo center, in addition to the congestion of the main road leading to it (26th of July Axis).

The city is known for the availability of various standards of living, starting from economic to affluent areas. Thus, there are numerous compounds in Sheikh Zayed of various standards to satisfy different tastes and budgets.

Some of Sheikh Zayed City’s popular landmarks are Hyper One Market and Nile University. The city is accessible from Cairo through 26th if July Axis, but it’s usually congested during peak times, but it’s more easily reachable from 6th of October City. In addition, it’s near to Alexandria—Cairo Sahrawi Road.

The city witnesses a high demand from Egyptian or even Arab or foreign renters, and it is now accommodating more than 150,000 populations. This high demand is esteemed from the following factors:

Although the 26th of July congestion hinders easy access to Sheikh Zayed City, the multiple services that include universities and shopping centers surrounding the city can be reached during off-peak times within almost half an hour from Central Cairo.

Moreover, the city is provided with all services that meet its residents’ fundamental and secondary needs, in terms of schools, shopping centers, entertainment places, hospitals, mosques, and others. Some of these services are:

  • Nile University
  • Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed branch
  • The British International School in Cairo
  • The Canadian International College
  • Hotel School
  • An Azhari Institute
  • The British School of Egypt
  • Arkan Mall
  • Al Guzeria Plaza Mall
  •  Americana Plaza Mall

Sheikh Zayed has been designed to include different housing standards to accommodate most of the Egyptian society’s levels. However, a considerable space of the city is allocated for green areas, walking paths, bike tracks, and driving roads.

Sheikh Zayed City’s most significant residential areas and units’ price averages

  • A general evaluation of Sheikh Zayed City has been made by Aqarmap website, estimated by 9.9, which asserts that the city is equipped with all aspects of life that fulfill the aspirations of the residents who belong to various standards of living.
  • Sheikh Zayed is divided into several residential districts, where the level of demand for purchasing units is significantly high, notwithstanding the increase in their prices that exceeds 50% according to Aqarmap statistics.

Sheikh Zayed City’s Cheapest and most expensive residential areas and their prices’ averages

The fourth District

It’s one of Sheikh Zayed City’s most expensive areas; where square meter price average reaches EGP 13,250.

 It’s known to be preferable by families, individuals, and companies.

Green Revolution District

Green Revolution District is one of Sheikh Zayed City’s most popular areas, most of which is allocated for agriculture only, and building is allowed in a limited space of its land. It contains villas and luxurious palaces, and it extends to Alexandria—Cairo Sahrawi Road.

Residential square meter price average in Green Revolution District reaches EGP 11,300.

The Twelfth, Fourteenth, Seventh, and Eighth districts

Square meter price average in these areas ranges from EGP 7,100 to EGP 7,950.

The First, Second, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth districts

Square meter price average ranges from EGP 6,100 to EGP 6,850.

The Third, Thirteen, and Sixteenth districts

Square meter price average ranges from EGP 5,350 to EGP 5,550.

The Eleventh District; Sheikh Zayed City’s cheapest district

It’s a residential area of numerous buildings located on Mostakbal Axis. The district is provided with good services, in terms of medical centers, a hospital, and schools. 

 Square meter price average in this district reaches EGP 4,550.

It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.


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