Features of Green Avenue New Capital 

In this article, Aqarmap provides you data about Green Avenue New Capital, the most important features and specifications of its units, and the methods of reimbursement and payment.

Before talking about Green Avenue New Capital, we will mention the most important features of R7, where the Compound is located.

Features of R7

The seventh residential district is one of the most important residential neighborhoods within the first phase of The New Administrative Capital and is strategically located at its heart.

Located nearby the main districts and hubs, the neighborhood is located next to the investors district which includes the largest and most important residential projects. such as: IL Bosco New Capital, which is one of the best of The New Administrative Capital Compounds.

It is also close to the train station, the conference center and the main roads within the capital.

Inside the seventh residential neighborhood, you will find yourself a few minutes away from Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis and the Regional Ring Road.

About the real estate developer

New Jersey Development introduced Green Avenue New Capital, a company that has been in the real estate market for 10 years between America and Egypt, and decided to enter the fast-growing Egyptian real estate market.

It provides its customers with 3 commercial centers and a medical center, 60 residential buildings and 25 residential villas, grouped in El Shorouk and New Cairo, in addition to its projects in the new administrative capital.

The company intends to launch a new project in New Heliopolis.

Green Avenue New Capital area

Green Avenue New Capital consists of 17 buildings, with a total number of 490 units for the entire project.

The company decreased the number of units as possible as it can in order to allocate a large area of the project to green areas, services and facilities. Thus, about 79% of the total area of the project is devoted to green areas, streets and other services.


Green Avenue New Capital is located in R7 on an area of 11.5 feddans, specifically in plot N6.

The compound has a very special location with distinctive views: Side view 60 m, another side view 80 m, and CITY WALK 40 m. Each unit overlooks these 3 sides, with 3 open interfaces.

Green Avenue New Capital borders two main streets, so you will find the plot of the project very distinctive, as it is located on 4 streets with width «80, 60, 40 and 20 meters».

Features of Green Avenue New Capital location

As part of New Jersey Development’s keenness to prepare its project as the ideal investment destination, it chose the region R7.

It is the neighborhood adjacent to the eighth residential district where  Anakaji Compound New Capital is located, which is one of the distinctive projects in the new administrative capital.

This brings Green Avenue New Capital closer to the most prestigious residential communities, such as the Diplomatic district, the Ministries district, and the Government district.

Anakaji Compound New Capital is also near to:

  • The Green River
  • Al Fattah Al Alim Mosque
  • Cathedral
  • Opera House
  • Al Masa famous hotel
  • Government district
  • The Presidential Palace
  • The New Administrative Capital Airport
  • Diplomatic district: which is one of the finest districts in the New Capital
  • The Exhibition City

With regard to medical and educational services, the compound is close to the medical city, next to the British University, the City of Art and Culture, and in front of International University in the capital.

Additional features

Green Avenue New Capital has many advantages, including:

  • Spacious green spaces permeate the buildings, giving the units the most beautiful views.
  • Special jogging and cycling tracks.
  • Party areas, special places for yoga, and reading areas.
  • Artificial lakes distributed in a balanced manner throughout the compound.
  • A service area with shops, restaurants, cafes, a children’s area, and a dancing fountain.
  • Theatre and Cinemas
  • Swimming pools of various sizes, some of which are designated for children, and some of which are covered for women.
  • Clubhouse at the highest level.
  • A courtyard for talents, graffiti and other arts.
  • Nursery, monitored with cameras.
  • Private underground garages for serving the compound visitors.
  • Private clinics
  • Key kitchen for serving the compound.
  • Security, guarding and electronic portals.

Green Avenue New Capital design

Designed in the form of luxurious buildings, each floor consists of 4 apartments.

All entrances to the buildings have a quiet natural lighting from the sun.

Green Avenue New Capital style is featured with spaces between buildings and apartments to provide residential comfort for residents.

Areas of Green Avenue New Capital units

 Unites for sale at Green Avenue New vary between penthouses, duplexes and apartments, with different areas as follows:

  • Apartments start from 100 m2 to 196 m2.
  • Penthouses with areas ranging from 170 m2 to 250 m2.
  • Duplex apartments with areas ranging from 184 m2 to 328 m2.

You can get your unit  semi-finished in case you want to finish your unit on your own style, and in the form and quality that satisfies you.

New Jersey Development is now opening the third stage of the project, with ready-to-live in units, and fully finished with air conditioning.

Prices and payment systems

Green Avenue New Capital units are distinguished by their very special prices, as they are considered the cheapest in the new capital compared to the distinguished services provided in the compound.

The price per square meter in Green Avenue New Capital starts from EGP 8,500 to 10,750. 

New Jersey Development offers a variety of payment systems to suit the needs of all customers, as follows:

  • 5% as a down payment, with installments over 7 years
  • 10% as a down payment, with installments over 8 years
  • 15% as a down payment, with installments over 9 years

It should be noted that the prices mentioned in this article are changeable. In Aqarmap, we always ensure to update the price list of neighborhood in order to customers be aware of the changes taking place in the real estate market, as well as to measure demand via Aqarmap indicator.

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