The Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital

The Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital, the biggest and most important project in Egypt, is expected to be completed and launched as soon as possible. The New Administrative Capital includes many huge projects of different fields. These projects vary between real estate, tourism, investment or even cultural projects. The Iconic Tower is one of the most important and largest projects to be built in the New Administrative Capital, as it is an integrated building and an architectural masterpiece in the modern era.


Design of the Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital 

Work began on the Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital in 2018, and since that time the companies implementing the project have worked diligently to complete this huge project as soon as possible. It will be one of the landmarks of the New Capital in terms of design, space, height and services. It is expected to provide investments amounting to $3 billion.

The Iconic Tower is one of 20 that will be implemented in the New Administrative Capital, and 8 towers have already been completed. Work is underway to complete the construction of the Iconic Tower.

The tower is located in the Central Business District in the capital, which is vital and full of services. It also features a location that overlooks the Central Park, and all main roads.

The Iconic Tower is 400 meters high and is considered the tallest tower in Africa in terms of area and height, and the second largest in the Middle East after Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The tower was designed in a way inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization in the form of a Pharaonic obelisk with glass façades. As for the façade of the tower, it is inspired by the lotus flower. The tower has been divided into three sections.

The Iconic Tower was implemented in cooperation between the Ministry of Housing, represented by the New Urban Communities Authority, and the Chinese company CESC, which is known for its long experience in more than 100 countries around the world in the field of construction. This company is also responsible for 90% of Chinese towers and skyscrapers. 

The completion of this iconic tower is expected to be completed and announced on January 13, 2022, as 50 floors of the tower have been completed and work is still underway to be completed on the specified date.


Total Area and Division of the Iconic Tower

The Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital is not just a tower or a distinct architectural edifice, but it is a huge building of administrative, government, and entertainment services as well. The tower reaches 79 floors with an area of ​​240,000 square meters, and the total area of ​​the tower has reached about 7 million square meters.

The tower was divided into three sections, the first section is devoted to the administrative buildings of the tower and to the New Capital. It includes a hotel which consists of 50 floors that has been allocated to these administrative units The Iconic Tower. It includes the headquarters of the Central Bank of Egypt, the new headquarters of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, in addition to the central currency  printing press.

The second section is devoted to residential units and services. This section is characterized by distinctive views. There will be more than one different payment system. 

As for the third section of the tower, it has been dedicated to the establishment of a group of 6-star hotels with a high and luxurious level of service.


Available Services in the Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital

The iconic tower includes a lot of services and facilities, which include spas, swimming pools and kids areas, in addition to cinemas, theaters, and commercial markets where there are clothes, gold and leather products stores, and computer stores in the Iconic Tower.

The types of residential units in the tower vary between apartments and villas. The tower also contains a helipad.

The Iconic Tower will open up many opportunities for ownership and real estate investment, whether for residential or commercial units. The investment in this project is an investment for the future, as it is distinguished by its location in the New Administrative Capital, which is considered the city of the future. In addition to being the tallest tower in Africa, which means that it will be an attraction and a tourist icon like many landmarks of Egypt.

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