Know about best educational institutions in New Capital

Educational Institutions in the New Administrative Capital

In this article, Aqarmap reviews the best educational institutions in the New Administrative Capital, whether they are international or private schools or universities.

 The New Administrative Capital has attracted attention since the announcement of this huge project in 2015.

Among the services included in the plans to construct the New Administrative Capital in Egypt are the various educational institutions. These institutions vary from schools and universities.

You do not have to worry about the educational aspect of your children if you plan to move to the New Administrative Capital soon or in the future.

Therefore, Aqarmap provides you with all the information available so far about the best educational institutions, whether schools or universities, on the map of the New Administrative Capital that is being established, which is expected to begin receiving students in 2020 or in the next few years.

It is expected that until now the New Administrative Capital will include 12 international universities offering various academic disciplines. Moreover, 50 schools will receive applications upon completion of the construction process.

Promising International Schools in the New Administrative Capital

International School Funded by Africa Crest Education (ACE)

The construction and establishment of the largest international school in the new capital is expected to be completed with a huge financial cost of EGP 400 million.

It is sponsored by the educational investment agency «Africa Crest Education (ACE)» known for investing in education in the African continent, and also the founder of the well-known Choueifat schools in Egypt.

The construction of the school is expected to be completed in Al Motamayez District in the New Administrative Capital during the month of September 2020.

It accommodates a density of up to 2,000 students. Once the school is receiving applications, the students can join it immediately.

Sahara Language School

Sahara Language School are also preparing to announce soon the completion of the construction of its school in the New Administrative Capital.

This School has been one of the British schools operating in Egypt for 25 years, It exists in the heart of Cairo.

It follows the curricula developed by the Cambridge Council.

Other Schools in the New Capital

The planning of the Third Neighborhood in the New Administrative Capital includes 9 plots designated for more international and private schools, such as:

  • AL MA’ARIFA International Private School
  • El-Bayan
  • Egypt British International School (EBIS)
  • The International Schools of Choueifat
  • Manar House International Schools
  • Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus School
  • Egypt E B V Limited
  • Private language schools; 40 private language schools are currently under construction in the New Administrative Capital

Universities in the New Capital

The Ministry of Higher Education has accredited a number of prestigious foreign universities that are well-rated globally.

This is within the framework of the Ministry’s interest in choosing university institutions with great care to improve the level of academic education and to upgrade Egypt’s ranking in front of the international community in the field of education.

Here is a list of the universities that they are expected to be finished soon:

Canadian Universities Complex

It will allocate an area of 30 feddans, and it will combine various academic specializations.

European Universities Complex

It covers an area of 80 feddans, and includes many diverse academic disciplines such as:

  • Business Administration.
  • Economics and political science.
  • Mass Media Communication
  • International Technology (IT)
  • Electronic biology sciences.
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • BioTechnology
  • Arts and Human Science.
  • Architectural Design.

Hungarian Universities Complex

It extends over an entire area of 30 feddans, and includes various colleges and majors, including:

  • Arts and Human Science.
  • International Technology (IT)
  • Economics and political science.
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • BioTechnology
  • Electronic biology sciences.
  • Business Administration.

Universities That Are Starting to Receive Students

Currently, 8 universities are under construction. However, the Canadian University has already started its work. It has enrolled in its academic services 250 students so far in the first stage.

In addition, 6 other universities are expected to be working in the new academic year.

Within the framework of these giant efforts to raise the educational level by establishing excellent educational projects in the New Administrative Capital. It is expected that the selected schools and universities will enjoy a high degree of quality of international and private education.

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