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In this article, we will summarize in details information about the real estate developer of Row Marina Project, as well as the North Coast Region, and later we will mention what would attract the customer to buy a unit in the resort, starting from its location, features, services, spaces and payment options, as well as its prices.

About the Real Estate Developer

Rofaida Real Estate Company is one of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian real estate market in particular, and in the region in general. It has many renowned projects, such as (Jumaira Matrouh – Jumaira Flowers, and other mega projects). The company aims to provide high quality residential and resort units within real estate projects that meet the needs of its customers and achieve their aspirations in obtaining the highest levels of sophistication and excellence by providing innovative engineering solutions. Providing real estate products and services in cash or installment professionally and safely through a highly professional team interested in customer satisfaction, the company aspires to develop many real estate projects in line with its ambitions to be at the forefront of real estate companies in Egypt and the Middle East

About the North Coast

It is a coastal strip located in the far north of Egypt, which extends for about 1,050 km along the Mediterranean Sea from eastern side of Sinai Peninsula at Rafah City to the western village of Sallum at Egypt’s border with Libya. This coastline has wonderful turquoise water and charming white sand. It is worth mentioning that this coastline has recently gained a wide fame among Egyptian families due to the distinctive impact of a number of villages and resorts in the North Coast, which made it a summer destination for all Egyptian families. Unlike the Red Sea coast and the rest of the Mediterranean coast in other North African countries, Egypt’s northern coast has no mountains or heights and is an easy land where some short shrubs and grass grow while trees are scarce. At the far west of the north coast is the Salloum Plateau, which rises about 400 meters above sea level. The northern coast is characterized by the existence of five of ten lakes found in Egypt.

About Row Marina Village

Row Marina is one of the magnificent villages of the North Coast, which was developed by Rofaida Real Estate Company over an area of ​​20,000 square meters. The village has been designed in two U-shaped stages to give a full view of the sea to all residents. The village is located on the Mediterranean coast, which is characterized by its exquisite turquoise color and bright white sands. This is why Rofaida Real Estate Company has developed Row Marina Resort with the utmost comfort and luxurious features to give its customers a good experience when viewing this wonderful sea. Not only that, the village offers a number of wonderful services and integrated facilities for all units, such as: water, gas and electricity.

Around 80% of the total space of ​​the project have been allocated to green spaces, artificial lakes and swimming pools, while the remaining 20% was allocated to residential units. All of these features have led to a rise in the demand on buying chalets in Row Marina Village, as it meets the aspirations of its customers who want to spend a wonderful summer vacation. Book your unit in Row Marina Village now, and enjoy a group of major services that combine water and recreational activities, and a large number of swimming pools, as well as artificial lakes regularly distributed over all residential units, to let residents feel as if they are living inside and in front of the sea. It also contains high-end restaurants and cafes.

Village Location

Row Marina is strategically located in a very important and distinctive geographical location, stretching from Kilo 21 to Kilo 103, in the best locations of the North Coast. It is several minutes away from the Marina and the village of Marakia, and 10 minutes away from Carrefour, El Alamein Airport and Marassi, as well as minutes away from many important and important roads, such as: Alexandria Marsa Matrouh Road. One of the advantages of this wonderful location is the proximity of Row Marina Village to Marina Village 5.

Services and Features of Row Marina

Row Marina contains a large number of services that combine luxury, elegance and privacy, and featured with a number of residential designs with marvelous sea views. These services also provide a huge number of water and recreational activities that are unparalleled among the villages and resorts of the North Coast, these services are:

  • Swimming pools and artificial lakes
  • Aqua Park 
  • A mall including many restaurants and cafes.
  • 3D cinema
  • Hypermarket
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Recreational areas for adults and children
  • Dancing fountain and waterfalls
  • Health and social club.
  • Jacuzzi
  • 24-hour Security service
  • Green spaces and landscape
  • Worship houses

Units of Row Marina village

Row Marina contains a number of residential units which are fully finished and equipped with all facilities, available at different spaces and designs to suit all needs of customers, such as:

  • 50 m² chalets consisting of one bedroom, reception, kitchen, bathroom and terrace.
  • 55 m² chalet consisting of one bedroom, reception, American kitchen, bathroom and terrace.
  • 75 m² chalets consisting of two bedrooms, reception, kitchen, bathroom and terrace.
  • 81 m² chalets consisting of two bedrooms, reception, kitchen, bathroom and terrace.
  • 105 m² chalet consisting of three bedrooms, reception, kitchen, bathroom and terrace.
  • 125 m² chalet consisting of three bedrooms, reception, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and terrace.

Payment options

Row Marina offers a number of payment options to suit everyone, with the possibility to pay 10% down payment, while paying the remaining amount on installments up to 6 years.

* It is worth mentioning that real estate prices are always changing, and we are keen to update the price list of neighborhoods to keep the consumer informed about the changes in the real estate market. We also measure the demand indicators through Aqarmap index.

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