Know more about latest decoration colors of 2019-2020

Choosing the suitable colors and decorations of your house is still one of the most difficult steps of design, so we usually resort to an expert or interior decorator to consult us about best colors which would suit each house. Today, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide about latest decor colors of 2019-2020. 

Shades of blue

One of the most popular colors used in painting is the blue color, or navy blue, in addition to pale and bright blue, because the blue color usually make us feel the sense of clarity of mind and tranquility, as well as helping us to relax. Moreover, it is commonly used in bathrooms and youth bedrooms, but it has also become popular in living rooms, office rooms, lounges and entrances, reflecting the tranquility and peace of mind of the residents of the house.

Shades of green

Green is the color of nature. It has the most beautiful view that captures the heart and eye, and provides our soul with calm and peace of mind. It is also one of the most common colors used in 2019. Explicit shades of green, as well as pale and earthy green were widely common in this year. Moreover, the use of green color fits all parts of house, including the kitchen. It is also a color that suits all tastes of customers, unlike blue color which usually refers to cold, or red color which usually refers to movement and heat in the design.

Shades of crimson and pale red

It is widely common during this era to use unusual ideas and colors while decorating your house, which promote some decorators to choose bold colors, such as crimson or burgundy, in addition to their pale shade. Moreover, experts in decoration succeeded in creating a mixture of different colors which we never though that they could be mixed in order to create new integrated palettes for modern designing.

Gray and black colors

Gray and black have an elegant and distinctive view, regardless the simplicity or limitation of the design. It is also commonly used nowadays in bathrooms and kitchens. Adding to that, it is preferred to use glossy materials with gray and black colors in order to have a comfortable vision and to avoid the feeling of being in a dark place.

Spring colors

Spring colors, which commonly used to flourish the design and turn it to a beautiful flowering palette, are some of the most important trends in color decorations of 2019-2020. What’s new is that these colors turned to be used as the main colors of new designs.

Yellow color

Yellow is the color of Sun. It usually reflects the feeling of energy and brightness. It has been widely used in decoration and fashion in 2019, and it will continue until 2020. On the other hand, it is not necessary to use yellow color as a main paint color for the design, but you might use yellow sofa, seat, or even a bouquet of flowers, and you will get an impressive result.

Finally, these tips can help you to choose the right colors for your home design:

  1. Select the color of design before you start finishing the house.
  2. Use a fixed palette that includes the primary, secondary and complementary colors of the design to avoid any failure in decoration.
  3. Determine the function and lighting quality of each part of house, then select the appropriate colors for the design.
  4. Don’t rely on one color to avoid the feeling of boredom and monotonous.
  5. If the primary choice of your colors is light or soft color, then don’t hesitate to add a bold touch using another strong color to maintain the balance within the design.

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