Ideas to Help You Renew and Decorate Your Apartment with Minimal Costs

In this article, we will talk about some ideas that will help you in renewing and decorating your apartment with the lowest costs and the simplest tools and means.

Many times we get bored with the traditional lifestyle, we want to change and see something new. So we start thinking about changing and renovating the house, being the place we spend most of our time.

Some may retreat for fear of the cost of the renovations, but there are plenty of easy tricks and ideas you can use to renew and decorate your apartment with the lowest costs and simplest tools.

Tips Before Starting the Home Renovation Process

Before starting to renovate the house, there are some steps that must be taken, as follows:

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to get rid of worn-out and unused items, because it has a negative impact on the place
  • Begin a comprehensive home cleaning process by cleaning the ceilings, walls, and floor
  • Polish furniture, windows, and doors
  • Be sure to perform regular maintenance on the electrical, sanitation and water sockets

And now the house is ready for a new look.

Renovation of the Walls of the House  

The first thing we think about renovating its traditional style is the walls of the house, and fortunately, it can be renovated in more than one way.

Here are the best and easiest ways to renovate the walls of the home:

You can renew the walls of the house by yourself and with the help of family members, after the process of cleaning the wall from the dirt, the following is done:

  1. Bring the standing wall with sandpaper from paint shops
  2. Ensure that the electrical and floor sockets are covered by newspapers and adhesive tapes, and anything that may be subject to paint falling into the room
  3. Clear the room to avoid spoiling with paint
  4. The stage for choosing the right color for decoration comes, then starting the painting process using large rolls to save time and brush only the corners
  5. You can use patterned rolls if you want to create a unique and different wall in the room
  6. Avoid touching the wall directly after finishing the paint so as not to spoil the wall’s appearance
  7. You can use a quick solution to renew the shape of the room, which is one main wall design in case you do not want to paint all the walls of the room, by choosing one unique wall in the room to make a new design, such as setting the wallpaper, or drawing art forms

Renovation of Home Furniture 

The next step is to refurbish home furniture, which can be implemented with more than one simple and inexpensive idea, as follows:

Change the Usual Place of Decoration and Furniture

Create a design that is different from the usual design for decoration places in your home. This idea will create a good sense of change and positivity.

For example, move a particular seat or replace the screen location with another location that is appropriate for seating.

Replacement and Purchase

  • Replace inexpensive items in the decoration, such as sofa covers and bedding with a new one
  • You can also replace small sofa pillows, or add a new one while changing the shape of its places
  • You can also change the door handles, it will give a distinctive touch of change
  • As well as adding a new design as adding color lighting in the living room or bedroom

Decorate the house with simple decoration and accessories on your own

This stage can be used to complement the previous stages in the renovation and decorating of the house or to be satisfied with it if you want something simple and quick to implement.

By decorating the house with simple decorations and accessories, or “hand made work”; 

Here are some great ideas to help you:

Colorful Paper Shapes to Decorate the Wall

You can use colored papers to create shapes such as stars, roses, hearts, and butterflies. Then paste it on the wall of the room in a coordinated way.

Drawings On the Wall

If you are a fan of drawing, you can draw a figure on the wall of a room, which will give you a great feeling, especially if the drawing is your personal achievement or a family member.

Alternatively, you can use hollow paper and coloring to ensure that it comes out exactly.

Textiles and Fabrics for Wall Decoration

There are some inexpensive accessories that are made by the creators of textiles, yarns and wool, specially made to decorate the walls of the rooms.

You can buy a design for the reception room or any room you prefer.

Clusters of Lighting to Decorate Rooms

Use clusters of colored lighting to decorate the walls of the room. They give a wonderful appearance to the rooms and also delight the place in pleasant forms.

Artificial Plants and Antiques

Use artificial plants to decorate the walls and rooms, and choose from their designs what suits you best, whether hanging on the wall, or mobile vases of various sizes.

Accessories Wall Hanging

It is a popular idea for home renovation and decoration, and wall accessories vary between: photography, photos, paintings, unconventional clock, and Quranic verses.

Pick an idea and make sure to place it on the right wall.

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