Know more about most important areas of Sheikh Zayed City

In this article, we will summarize most important details about Sheikh Zayed City, along with its important districts and neighborhoods and features, in addition to a summary about each important district and neighborhood.

Know More about the Most Important Areas of Sheikh Zayed City

  • About Sheikh Zayed City
  • Most important areas of Sheikh Zayed
  • The Green Revolution
  • The First District
  • The Tenth District
  • The Eleventh district
  • The Fifth district
  • Features of Sheikh Zayed City

About Sheikh Zayed City

The city is located near 6th of October City, Hadbet El Ahram, and about 28 km away from Cairo’s Downtown. It is bordered by Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and can be reached via the 26th of July axis.

Sheikh Zayed was established in 1995 in order to reduce serious congestion in Cairo’s Downtown and to be an expansion of urban space. It’s a quiet area, with a huge space of green spaces and fine weather compared to Central Cairo. The city is divided into several areas, where residential real estates vary from economic, middle, upper-middle, and high classes. Moreover, the city has been divided into several districts and neighborhoods up to 20 district.

Most Important Areas in Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed City is divided into 20 districts as mentioned above, and the most important of which are:

The Green Revolution

It is one of the most important areas in Sheikh Zayed, as it is one of the agricultural zones. Also, a presidential decree No. 230 has been issued for the inclusion of Green Revolution lands to the city of Sheikh Zayed. Moreover, Building in this area and turning its agricultural activity into residential or commercial is prohibited without taking permission from the city’s council. Thus, the limited space of its land is allowed to be used for building villas and luxurious palaces.

Green Revolution lands are extended to Cairo- Alexandria Desert Road, which facilitates the movement from and to the area. It’s also privileged by splendid views and clean air, as green lands surround its small number of villas.

The First District

The district is located at the entrance of Sheikh Zayed City’s, and it’s one of its First Sector’s districts. It contains City Council headquarter, and a number of residential units, including apartments for middle-class category, and villas for upper middle class category. In the district, there is the famous market of Hyper One, and the new headquarter of Cairo University.

The Tenth District

It’s one of Third Sector’s districts in Sheikh Zayed City, where apartments and villas are offered for middle-class category. The district includes Sheikh Zayed Youth Center, Azhari Institute, and a Civil Registry. It’s only defect is its nearness to the economic 63-meter housing buildings.

The Eleventh District

This district affords residential units for the middle class category. It’s located on Mostakbal Axis, and it’s characterized by the availability of good services; including shops, schools, and medical centers.

The Fifth District

The district contains famous El Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, a complex of Azhari institutes,  and a number of youth buildings.

Features of Sheikh Zayed City

  1. The availability of markets and major trade malls like: Hyper One, Americana Plaza Mall, and Mall of Arabia
  2. The availability of green areas and open gardens, where African Park, the first open zoo in Egypt
  3. Gyms and sporting clubs, like: Sheikh Zayed Youth Center, Al Ahly Sporting Club, and triple Playgrounds
  4. Significant governmental headquarters, like: Ministry of Tourism- Urban Communities Authority- The Environmental Cultural Center- Egyptian Tourism Federation
  5. For health care services, there are many medical centers and hospitals affording the best services, like: Elsheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital – Rofayda Maternity Hospital – El Zohour Hospital
  6. The availability of different types of schools, like: Azhari Institute – Hotel School – British International School – The Canadian International College
  7. There are numerous restaurants, like: TBS- Crave, and cafes, like: Coffee Shop Company – Harris Café, in addition to numerous cinemas inside its major malls

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