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In this article, you will know about Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City,


Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City compound is one of the projects of Cleopatra real estate and is composed of a number of residential towers with marble frontages and a modern unique design. The architecture of the compound is inspired by the Italian architecture because it was designed by a famous Italian artist.


The compound is located in one of the best locations in Nasr City and it lies near a number of vital locations and landmarks including Makram Ebeid Street which is just 3 minutes from the compound. It is also 10 minutes from the convention Centre, 7 minutes from City Stars, 10 minutes from Abbas Al Akkas and 30 minutes from the airport.

The developer behind Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City 

Cleopatra Real Estate developed the compound in Nasr City. The company was known for years as a ceramic manufacturer since it was established in 1986 before it began its real estate investment. The company has received a number of awards for the ceramic and bathroom products it has developed through the years. The real estate projects developed by the company include:

  • Cleopatra Square 6th of October
  • Palace Shorouk
  • Cleopatra Plaza Alexandria

Services of Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City 

Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City has ensured to offer all the wanted services for its residents including:

  • Smart homes
  • Private garages under the ground level
  • Cafes
  • Marble frontages and entrances
  • 24 hour security with cameras and guards
  • Fountains
  • Wifi
  • Land escapes

Units and prices 

The compound has only 4 luxurious residential buildings with different standards for each. It also offers many services inside and has commercial stores so that the residents can get what they want without leaving the compound.

The areas of the units in Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City compound range between 200 and 300 square meters with super lux finishing. The prices of the units are various but the average price* of the square meter of the apartments in the compound is EGP 10,500.

Payment methods

The compound offers different payment plans with installments up to 5 years. It also offers excellent deals for those who want to pay the whole amount in cash.

Features of living in Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City 

  • Cleopatra Plaza Nasr City offers modern life and design for its resident.
  • The compound lies at the heart of Nasr City, so you are at one of the best districts in Cairo and also near Downtown and other vital districts.
  • Unique architecture that is inspired from the Italian architecture.
  • Moderate and above moderate prices for the units which are not overpriced.
  • Living at one of the excellent Cleopatra Real Estate projects that offer integrated services and high quality of life.

* Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and styles in the best compounds in Nasr City, you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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