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About Media Village compound

Media Village is one of the amazing compounds in 6th of October City. It lies in the eastern expansions area between October and Zayed.

This wonderful compound is a villas-compound designed at the highest levels of elegance and luxury. It gives a feeling of living inside one of the major parks of excessive vast green areas. This feeling comes as a result of that landscape occupies about 80% of the project area.

The compound is also designed to provide a set of great advantages, the foremost of which is the diversity of housing units in the project. Thus, it provides those who wish to purchase the opportunity to choose the appropriate unit, given that the units are delivered semi-finished.

Not only that, but the project also provides playgrounds, health and social clubs, as well as swimming pools.

Staying in Media Village will give you a real feeling of comfort and luxury, as a result of designing modern buildings and entertainment services for adults and children.

All these features will be in your hands when choosing your unit in the Media Village compound, in the most luxurious areas of October and Zayed, in the eastern expansions area that is characterized by a lot of compounds and main landmarks.

Media Village – 6th of October Location

The project exists in the eastern expansions area; the most luxurious areas of October and Zayed. It lies behind Mall of Egypt, and in front of Mubarak Educational City.

Moreover, It is steps away from: “Mall of Arabia, Hyper One, Sheikh Zayed, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, University of the Nile, Zewail City, The Global Village, and Universities of Misr and October for Modern Sciences.”

In addition, it is about 10 minutes away from Al Rmaya square. It’s also only 20 minutes from the center of the city, Lebanon Square and El Mohandseen.

The eastern expansions area is characterized by a population of more than 25,000 people, and it aims to attract more than 270 thousand people from east Cairo.

Also, it is one of the largest expansion in 6th of October city, and extends to 8,200 feddans. The area encompasses a number of luxury residential compounds.

Residential units in Media Village- 6th of October 

The project offers a variety of housing units of various models, surrounded by a number of parks and great entertainment services.

The buildings in the project occupy 20% of the total area that exceeds 50 feddans.

The project offers residential units that offer apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas for sale in Media Village- 6th of October.

With areas ranging from approximately 200 square meters to approximately 400 square meters.

The number of housing units in the project is approximately 250 housing units, and each unit has a private garden and a private swimming pool upon request.

These semi-finished units come to provide more comfort to the residents. The units are separated by several green areas that give a civilized view of the project, in addition to providing the necessary privacy.

Media Village Compound- 6th of October Services

Media Village – 6th of October offers all integrated services, facilities and infrastructure that provide the housing units with all the amenities and privacy that the residents of the compound need.

Among these services are:

  • Green areas covering about 80% of the total area of ​​the compound,
  • Stunning artificial lakes,
  • Commercial and marketing areas,
  • Sports club,
  • A social club of approximately 6000 square meters,
  • Medical units,
  • Nurseries for children,
  • Safe area for children to play,
  • Garage for cars,
  • And security and guarding services around the clock.

6th of October city

6th of October City is one of the cities of Giza Governorate in Egypt. It is one of the most famous industrial, residential and commercial cities in Egypt.

It is worth noting that the city was established with the aim of reducing the population density of Cairo.

The city is characterized by good partition and planning. It is also quiet and away from Cairo by about 40 km.

Moreover, it is one of the residential cities with distinction. It rises above sea level to give a moderate atmosphere throughout the year. Therefore, there is a lot of search for real estate for sale in 6th of October City.

 It contains a number of residential neighborhoods that meet all needs. Its units are divided into 4 models: «families model – the bank model – the youth model – cooperatives model». Each model has its own characteristics and advantages that make prices unstable and different, given the diversity of these units.

6th of October Neighborhoods

As for its neighborhoods, 6th of October is divided into 12 neighborhoods, each neighborhood is divided into Mogawra. It also contains a distinct number of separate neighborhoods, such as:

  • Distinguished neighborhood
  • El Worod neighborhood
  • El Ashgar Neighborhood
  • West Somid neighborhood
  • Northern tourist expansions
  • South neighborhoods

South neighborhoods contain a number of popular residential areas that characterize October properties, including:

  • El Bostan neighborhood
  • El Zamalek neighborhood
  • Free housing project
  • El Sukkarya neighborhood
  • Moreover, El Mostakbal Housing
  • El Zohor neighborhood

The search for apartments for sale in October is frequent in the neighborhoods due to its planning, good streets, cleanliness and quietness. It contains all the services and facilities that everyone needs.

October real estate is also a magnet for investors and businessmen, as it also contains a number of compounds and big landmarks such as:

  • 6th of October University
  • Misr University and other specialized academies
  • Dream Park
  • Magic Land
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Mall of Egypt
  • Media Production City

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