6 Important Tips You Need to Know Before planting your Garden

In this article, your will find the required information related to planting your garden and how to deal with plants and flowers.

If you have a yard in your house, small or large, whether it’s a backyard or in the front, you must have thought “at least once” about making your own floral garden? well it’s obvious you’re here because you did, but don’t worry, in this article you’ll find everything you need to know before starting this rewarding adventure. 

Flowers and plants give your garden beautiful and colorful visuals, fragrant florals, not to mention the comfort you feel after seeing different colors like the green grass and the colorful blooms.

So, in this article you’ll learn the most important tips for starting and maintaining a beautiful and rewarding garden:

Pick the best spots for flowers

You should choose an area where you want to make your flower bouquets inside, which can be later surrounded by some stones to appear like an art piece in your garden. 

But you should ask yourself some questions first: Is your yard receives efficient sunlight? Is the area so low that it becomes a rain catchment or a watershed? Have you removed all herbs, seeds and rocks from the entire area so that your new plants can thrive? You should answer these questions before thinking about planting, to avoid making them vulnerable to disease and harmful pests.

Make a plan for seasons

Try choosing plants that can survive all year long, so you don’t have to change them every one or two seasons. You should get a head start about each plant height after they grow; flowers are often short, making them easier to change than tall plants.

Plant the seeds

Start by setting several kinds of seeds in the soil, as you can choose various kinds to become more diversified. You must first know everything related to each kind of  plants, such as the appropriate planting method, Should it be placed deep or close to the surface for water to reach? How much water it needs?

Start by planting them in small pots so that you understand how to grow them and the sun exposure they need. After the plants begin to grow, you can move them from the pots to the garden.

Large and flowering plants

Although the seeding phase is fun, you may be able to buy some plants that are reasonably grown and put them in your garden to save you waiting. You should pay attention when you buy them and bring a box for the plants pots in the car to avoid breaking them in the road, and you must go quickly to your garden so that it won’t get damaged by moisture and sun.

These plants should be watered quickly once you reach your garden.You can water them before setting them in the new soil so that they can be easily transferred from their main soil to your garden.

Drill and prepare the soil

When transporting plants from the main pots to the soil, make sure you dig a hole twice as large as the size of the plant pot.

Give the plants enough room to grow

You need to understand how to grow seeds, and how much of these plants are expected to grow, so that you leave enough space for each species to grow. In this way, you will cover a larger area of the garden.You will also give eye space to see the beauty of each plant species. Separately, there is no unnecessary type of congestion in your garden.

Perhaps planting a garden in your home is not very easy, especially at the beginning; you have to understand well what kind of plants or flowers you will plant, so that you can plant them in the best conditions. Once your plants and flowers thrive, you will reap the fruits of their cultivation and may become adept at growing rare types of plants and flowers.

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