How to Remove Stains and Polish Wood Floors

In this article you will find some insights on how to clean and decorate your house and the various ways to do so.

If you want to remove old stains from your hardwood floor or save some space, the first thing you should start with is polishing the floor.

Polishing hardwood floors is necessary, especially after a period of time, or if some yellowish spots started to appear due to old age, which makes wood loses sheen. By then you have to polish the floor to bring back its charm and get rid of the discolored stains to make it shine again.

In this topic, we will help you know how to polish your hardwood floor and the various types of polishing, so you can have the best results.

The different types of hardwood polishers

The difficult part in removing stains from hardwood floors is the intensity and volume of the spot, and the ideal product to deal with it without using any strong chemicals that may damage the floor. You can start by testing on stains in a small spot, and leave it for one day to see the result.

  1. Using chlorine: The idea behind ​​using chlorine on clothes can also be applied to wood floors, it removes the organic stains caused by food and spilled drinks. But using bleach like chlorine to clean wood floors is the least form of detergent, as the floor might need it more than once for a full removal of these stains, and the most effective chlorine you can choose is the type used in swimming pools known as “Calcium Hypochlorite”, which is used to clean and sanitize swimming pools.
  2. Polishing your floor in two stages: Although chlorine is highly effective on organic stains from food or spilled drinks on the floors, it does not restore the sheen and color of the wood; therefore, polishing the floor in two stages is the solution to the problem of dull and changed color. The stains that remain after using chlorine can be removed by polishing the floor in two stages. By adding floor polishing substance to chlorine after the first stage, you can buy these items from any detergents shop that sells wood floor cleaners, but don’t forget to try it on a small spot first to make sure it’s suitable for your floor.
  3. Thinner (Oxalic acid): One of the strongest wood cleaner is thinner, which removes many stains that resist ordinary detergents. The raw form of oxalic acid is white crystals, which can be mixed with water to remove any kind of stains on wood floors, and you can buy them from a detergent store or large pharmacies.Many people now opt for wood floors as a substitute for ceramic and marble, which gives warmth in the winter, and also fits the modern taste, as a result, many detergents emerged in the market such as Pledge in liquid or spray form, which is used to clean wood and surfaces, but as mentioned before, be careful when using any new product, try it on a small area first to avoid damaging or changing the color of the wood and regret later.

Most important points you should know before polishing or cleaning the floor

  1. Are the spots on the floor really bad, or have they added a gradient in the floor color?
  2. If you want to polish the entire floor you must first test on stains at a small area, to have a grasp of the polisher effect on the entire floor.
  3.  How deep is the spot? is it deep and causing a problem to the core of the wood, or is it just on the surface and can be easily removed?
  4. The use of the least amount of polisher, either to polish the floor or remove a spot; as there are some floors that can react badly after polishing, especially with the concentrated polishers, so it’s advisable in this case to dilute it with water as much as possible.
  5. If you use a chemical polisher, you must pay attention to all of its features and ingredients, to prevent exposing yourself or the ground to any kind of danger.
  6. Use rubber gloves and eye cover, when working with any type of polishers, and try to keep away any direct contact with chemicals, as they can cause skin burns.
  7. Do not expose the carpet or any type of furniture or electrical appliances to the cleaner or polisher, and if this happens you should wipe it out immediately.
  8. Wash your hands with soap and water after you finish using the polisher to protect your skin.


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