Best Photography Tips to Sell Your Property Faster 

In this article, Aqarmap reviews how to take the best shot of your apartment to be sold quickly.

Do you want to discern your property over the rest of the listed apartments?!This can be achieved through capturing breathtaking images of your apartment. But first, you must understand how to capture the best photos, and what you should stop doing to avoid losing the best chance for selling your apartment faster.

After you decide to sell your apartment, the idea of taking photos for your home emerges, as you start to consider making an online ad, but if these photos aren’t good, you’ll waste a lot of time and money.

So in this article, you’ll learn more about the top 6 tips about photographing your home and the mistakes you should stay away from:

Take a wide shot of the building to show its size

The online buyer takes only a few moments to decide whether or not he will continue browsing the rest of the listed images and details or to move to other properties, so your photos must be clear, and avoid the passing cars on the street which can negatively impact the photo.

Don’t Take a Tilt Shot

Do not take any slanted images of the entire building, the image must be vertical and show the real size of the building so that the viewer feels that the building contains many layers, and the shot is comfortable for the eye.

Take a picture of the apartment door

You can open the apartment door slightly and take a shot of the apartment entrance, as if you are welcoming the viewer and showing him the details of the entire apartment in order.

Avoid bad drawings on walls

Some apartments and real estate have graffiti on the walls. Avoid photographing these drawings when taking pictures for the building and the entrance of the apartment, as it gives the buyer a sense of randomness, which may make him avoid browsing the rest of the images.

Take pictures from above

You can use the building facing your house to take a picture of the building from above, to take show the entire building, but be careful to take the picture at a close range, and avoid the unnecessary shots, such as the satellite dishes, cars, or any kind of eye nuisance.

Don’t take a picture from below

Some people take pictures of the building from below to look bigger, but this has an opposite effect, as the buyer feels uncomfortable, so you should rely on traditional shots that give a space for the eye.

Capture strong points and Features of your house 

Most people avoid photographing their bathroom, but if you have recently renovated it, it is better for you to photograph it, as the first thing anyone does when buying a new apartment is to change the whole bathroom, and by photographing it after renovation you are telling the buyer that he will save some money.

Do not capture your reflection through mirrors

You can photograph a mirror, but try to avoid showing your reflection in it, as you should give the buyer a chance to see himself in it, so avoid showing your reflection in the mirrors of the living room or the bathroom.

Shoot each room individually

One of the most important points that you can give to the buyer is to photograph each room separately and show the type of decoration inside, so that the buyer can imagine what he can do when moving to this space.

Don’t take photos of messy rooms

Do not take pictures that show any mess in the room, to avoid making the buyer uncomfortable, so you should start by cleaning and organizing each room before taking any shots.

Capture the apartment’s landscape view

If the apartment has a good and attractive view, you should show it to the buyer to get a good grasp on ​​what he will see daily.

Don’t capture your pets

Show the details that matter to the buyer that make him/her imagine what the apartment will look like after he/she moves to, but don’t show your pets as the buyer might not be an animal lover.

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