Most Common Design Mistakes

In this article, Aqarmap will provide you with a quick guide to avoid the most common design mistakes.

When you start designing your house decor, there are some common mistakes that may face you, so the most important step to begin with is to search for everything that you may need in the design process, starting from your apartment’s location to the colors and furniture; therefore, Aqarmap today will provide you with a quick guide to avoid the most common design mistakes:

Using too much white paintings

Some people think that using a lot of white paintings can solve the problem of small space, but it’s just a myth which sometimes can be wrong. Choosing the white color as the main color for the design can erase the design features and angles, and hide any aesthetic touches that add beauty and delight to your home. There is no doubt that white is the symbol of serenity, but there’s also several colors that share the same symbol such as blue, green and pastel colors. So when choosing a palette of colors for your home, you should include a set of shades that create harmony and avoid you from this common mistake.

Mismatched carpet sizes

Choosing carpets seems simple, easy and does not directly affect the design aesthetics, right?! No, it is one of the most common mistakes that may distort the overall view, you should not choose very small or very large carpets unless the entire floor of the room is covered with rugs, the legs of all furniture must remain on the carpet or at least touch the end of its interior.

Choosing the type of carpet, whether its classic/Iranian/kilim/modern, depends on the style of the design, and can not be ignored, but you should choose all the design elements of colors, furniture, carpets and curtains all at the same time from the start; to avoid confusion when you can’t find what fits your design.

Picking wrong size for your house’s furniture

When designing your home, you need to measure your available space accurately and determine the desired furniture positions, entrances and openings, to avoid choosing randomly and furnish your home wrongly.

If your home has a large space, you should not make the mistake of choosing too small furniture which is unsuitable for the total space, and vice versa. Choosing large furniture in a small space is the biggest problem some people may face in their homes, so as we mentioned the solution is to accurately measure your available space and make a master plan before starting to purchase.

Unfit accessories

No one can deny that accessories are a major complement to the design aesthetics, without which the house may lose part of its elegance, as sometimes even the accessory piece is the centerpiece of the design that makes it more harmonious.

Sometimes people make the mistake of adding too much accessories; thinking that it completes the design, but they unwittingly distort and disturb the visual vision.

Not Enough Light

Your house design may be beautiful, but if your lighting is insufficient, then we won’t be able to see that beauty. Lately some have resorted to distributing spotlights in the Gypsum board ceilings to ensure the adequate light distribution, but they may neglect the natural or main lighting.

They also might make another mistake by distributing the light incorrectly, with dim corners and others with too bright light that hides their features.

It’s important to carefully plan where you place your lights, choose and add a variety of lighting sources, such as chandeliers, indirect lighting, and lamps, to allow the house residents to choose the amount of lighting in order to set the mood for any activity.

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