Latest Decor Trends and Styles for 2019/20

In this article, Aqarmap provides you will all needed information about the latest decor trends and styles for 2019/2020.

Each day something new emerges in the world of decoration, different color patterns, trends, styles and furniture designs, and if you are going to choose your home interior design, you must first know more about the most famous and the latest decor trends in 2019/2020, to get the latest and best design styles without any hinders.

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The Classical style always comes first

The classical decorating style always top any list in Egypt, all thanks to its elegance and appeal to all Egyptians, but recently some local touches have conquered this style, making it lose some of its unique features. However, the classical style is coming back with a better look, warmer colors and new styles for every piece of furniture such as the chaise longue, buff, fireplace and natural wood flooring, to reflect its usual wonderful and luxurious style again. 

The colors of the classical decor style are several, but the most important ones are brown, black, gold, white and shades of blue, all of which are characteristics of the classical style for a calm and warm sensation, without any excessive use of colors as it usually consists of a color pallet of three primary colors.

As for the accessories, the classical style gives more attention to house accessories for a more luxurious and charm. There are diverse and versatile accessories, so anyone can choose what suits his/her taste.

The classical style has always favored wood flooring, but there’s also other options such as marble, granite and porcelain. Lastly, adding warm lighting is the perfect choice to complete your design and culminate beauty and luxury of the classical style.

The Contemporary Style 

The contemporary style comes as a more elegant alternative for the modern style, which has spread easily in the Egyptian market due to its simplicity and vivid colors. But the contemporary style comes with a rich and luxurious touch that adds charm and modernity in terms of lines, colors and the used materials, and also do not forget bold new designs of innovative furniture pieces.

The contemporary style is characterized by the use of bold materials such as leather, wood and metal, with bold colors such as green, blue, red and orange, with light and hand-made rugs to add a warmer and more intimate touch to the design. 

Bold Retro

Some look for a mix of boldness and craziness in their home design, and the retro style is an artistic touch that combines all kinds of designs. The decor is one of its most important pillars, which is characterized by its colors and soft lines, through the retro artistic touch you can integrate the past and present in your interior design in a way that highlights it more like a painting.

The most important characteristics of the retro style is the handmade artistic pieces that can be added in every corner of the house, to replace essential pieces with vintage elements along with modern accessories and bold lighting.

The Biophilic style – a return to nature

Nature lovers this year will surely find what they are looking the biophilic style is one of the most famous decor styles in 2019/2020, with warm colors and delightful touches from the heart of nature, by adding plants and natural stones to the interior of your home, not to forget handicrafts such as kilim or handmade carpets, wood in its natural form in the details of the furniture, wood flooring and simple ceilings, stone walls and a ballet of warm colors such as shades of brown, green, white, black, orange and the rest of the natural soil colors.

The Minimalist Style 

The world has recently moved to save resources and minimize our wasted materials, which has led home designers to choose the Minimalist or the Simplistic style as an answer to the current global trend, along with its obvious soothing and comfortable effect on users.

Contrary to what some view the Minimalist style as a simple and plain style that lacks decoration and elegance, but the world of decor has added artistic touches that create beautiful details with less effort, such as choosing the pastel colors pallet and soft paintings, in addition to light and soft wooden furniture.

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