9 tips to follow before building a new home

Things you need to follow when buying or building your own private home.

In this article, Aqarmap will provide you with several tips you may need to follow when buying or building your own private home.

House planner

Before proceeding with the design of the house, you must determine everything related to the appearance of the home; its area, and design. This design should reflect the family’s vision and its requirements within the budget set. For example, to reduce the cost of construction, you should reduce the space of ​​corridors inside the house. Moreover, to reduce the high cost of plumbing supplies, you should design the kitchen and bathroom adjacent to each other.

An experienced contractor

Some may resort to choosing an inexperienced contractor in order to reduce the cost of construction. However, this point will affect the quality of the house. In case you want to apply this option, you should ask your friends or acquaintances about a trusted contractor. This contractor should have perfectly executed homes. Also, he should be adhering to the delivery dates and budget already set for the construction process. In addition, you should exist in the construction site during the implementation of each stage. Being available there will help in supervising and maintaining the accuracy of work. You should also make sure of using the best materials in construction within the budget set.

Most importantly, make sure that you are hiring a reputable contractor. There are many contractors who use other subcontractors to undertake the construction process in their absence. So, you need to be careful.

Also, hiring an unknown contractor in order to reduce the expense of the construction process may affect the quality of the construction. It may make you suffer from its damages in the future.

Rely on a specialized engineer to supervise the construction stages

When building a new house, you should hire an engineer to supervise the construction process. This step is to ensure that each stage is fully implemented according to the correct standards. Having a specialized engineer is important especially in the concrete structure and finishing stages. Otherwise, the condition of the house and its suitability for housing will be damaged over time.

The engineer should also supervise the correct implementation of the pre-design to anticipate what the house will look like in the final stages.

Choose high-quality building materials

Using a low-quality building materials will make you suffer from heavy losses during the implementation of architectural projects. In fact, reliance on these inexpensive materials may lead to collapsing of the building or having to pay additional costs in the future to repair the damages. While purchasing high-quality building materials will reflect on the durability of the building, and its age, as well as ensuring to build a special home for your family that is characterized by high-quality design, construction and execution.

Choose the best electric tools

One of the most important points you should pay attention to is the electric tools. You should take care of buying unauthorized or unknown power tools. This tools may not be safe for you and your family. In order to choose the best power tools, rely on well-known brands. Go for brands which are famous for being subject to quality and safety standards.

Rely on good electrical appliances and modern LED lighting

Trend towards rationalization of energy use is growing globally . You should choose low power-consuming appliances, especially in air conditioners. Your choice will rationalize electricity consumption and reduce the value of bills. In the context of rationalizing consumption, LED lighting fixtures proved living longer and consuming less energy.

There is no need to build many walls inside the house

We have previously mentioned the importance of obtaining a smart design model that uses the spaces effectively and in a smart way, therefore, you need to avoid building many walls inside the house, as it will lead to have many corridors, which will waste the space of your home

Having multiple ventilation sources

For your family’s health, make sure to have good ventilation inside the house, such as balconies and windows, to renew the air.

Choose the right colors for the exterior facade and interior walls

The exterior facade of the house and the interior walls should be painted in consistent colors to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the house, as some recent studies have emphasized the ability of colors to improve the mood of humans.

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