Business District, New Capital… a Golden Chance for Promising Real Estate Investments

Business District, New Capital

The New Capital covers an area of ​​170 thousand acres, overlooking the borders of Badr City, Cairo Suez Road, northeast of the Regional Road. This makes it easy to reach throughout all these major roads, in addition to it’s closeness to Cairo around 60 km away from the heart of Cairo.

The Administrative Capital is designed as an integrated city; it includes each of the government districts that contains 18 government buildings, including the Presidency and Parliament Building, a medical city, a sports city, and an entertainment city.

In addition to many real estate projects for different classes, as it features more than 25 thousand housing units. It offers a wide range of high-end projects including, Pukka Compound, Scenario Compound, Catalan Compound, Castle Landmark Compound

The prices in the New Capital range between EGP 9,000 to EGP 14,000 per meter.

About the Developer

The Chinese company “CSCEC” is one of the best companies specialized in building towers and skyscrapers worldwide. They have a great history in real estate projects in China including, China Science, the Technology Museum, the Water Sports Center in Beijing, and the World Financial Center in Shanghai.

In addition to the global projects such as The International Games Center in Kenya, and the International Conference Center in Latin America.

The company uses modern technologies to achieve the highest project implementation rates, besides there are 7 companies that help in concrete work for the project, and two laboratories to analyze concrete and to ensure quality standards.

Features and Facilities

It is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and considered one of its most prestigious districts, it aslo located near the Green River.

Work on this project started in February 2019, and it includes nearly 20 towers, the tallest of which is the Obelisk Tower (the tallest tower in the world); it is about 1,000 meters long and was designed in the form of pharaonic obelisks, to combine the nobility of the Pharaonic era with the development of the current era.

In addition to its full-service, commercial, entertainment, and health towers, it will be a masterpiece in the heart of Africa.

There are also the iconic tower, 385 meters long, and CO2 administrative tower with 50 meters long.

Moreover, the district features wide green landscapes along with the man-made lakes, which give the atmosphere of relaxing, calm, and joy. It really improves your mood when you open your eyes to the picturesque nature.

The units are modern in design, finishing to the highest standard and distinguished by sophistication. The availability and variety of services give you comfort and luxury, even government departments are available next to you. 

Detailed Services

The project includes multiple entertainment areas including, cinemas, theaters, children’s clubs, fine restaurants, and cafes.

There are many commercial activities, including gold jewelry stores, electronic markets, and international fashion malls.

It also contains swimming pools, spas, and educational associations.

Units Areas and Prices

The total area of the project is one million and 710 thousand M², and it includes 20 towers.

An area of one million and 15,000 meters has been set aside for the construction of the towers. While commercial activities and services are allocated an area of 465 thousand M².

The prices in the residential towers start from EGP 23,000 per meter for apartments. The higher the rise, the higher the price per meter, which may reach EGP 50,000.

Payment Systems

Residential towers’ height range from 15 to 80 floors. The housing units will be delivered in June 2021.

The price per meter in the lands designated for the establishment of commercial malls reaches EGP 16 thousand, and its height reaches between 9 and 12 floors.

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