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Nasr City is one of  Cairo’s modern districts with an excellent design concept. It has a perfect geographical location, since it’s near to Central Cairo, and it’s considered an extension to Heliopolis. It’s easily accessible by metro, through Fairground station and Stadium station, or from Ring Road entrance, Al Nasr Road, or Al Shaihd Axis.

In 1999, the district was divided into the following two parts:

  1. East Side:

it represents the eastern front of Cairo. It’s the largest residential neighborhood, accommodating almost 800,000 populations. It includes 18 areas, most important of which are: Rabaa Al Adweia, The Tenth District, The Seventh Area, Golf Area, and Ezbet El Haganah…

  1. West Side:

 it’s the land for projects and investments, and it accommodates about almost 80,000 populations. West Side’s most important areas are: The Sixth District, The Seventh District, Ezbet El Arab, and Al Saraya Al Sharkia

Nasr City’s most significant streets, areas, and available services

Nasr City includes a number of famous residential and commercial districts, in addition to the availability of numerous main and entertaining services. Moreover, the city includes huge malls, clothes and furniture trade stores,  and a number of important governmental headquarters.

Nasr City’s most significant streets and available services

  • Abbas Al Akkad Street and Hassanein Heikal: they are some of Nasr City’s streets that are teemed with trade stores of different international clothing brands with reasonable prices like Nike, H&M, and Zara; where clothes vary to include evening wear, children’s wear, and sports wear. Moreover, Abbas Al Akkad Street contains the International Park, numerous banks and exchange offices, and restaurants. Hence, if you want to live in a busy place where shopping and entertainment places are numerous, you shall find what you are looking for in Abbas Al Akkad Street.
  • Makram Ebeid Street: it’s one of Nasr City’s most significant and largest streets, containing multiple  trade stores for furniture and decorations, in addition to including City Stars famous mall
  • Youssef Abbas Street: it’s one of Nasr City’s quietest and least crowded streets. So, if you search for a quiet place, then Youssef Abbas is the best choice. Furthermore, it includes a number of vital governmental headquarters; like Health Insurance Hospital and Ministry of Manpower and Immigration
  • Al Nasr Road: Military ceremonies used to be held in this road till 1981, where president Anwar Sadat was assassinated. Also, the Unknown Soldier Memorial, Cairo International Conference Center, and Cairo International Stadium are located
  • Mostafa Al Nahas Street: it’s one of Nasr City’s longest streets, including multifold trade stores and shopping centers. In addition, it contains Al Azhar University

Nasr City’s important landmarks and facilities

Nasr City includes a number of significant landmarks and facilities, some of them are:

  • Important governmental headquarters: Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, Health Insurance Hospital, Abbasia Chest Hospital, Al Azhar University, Omalia University, Fairground, Cairo International Stadium, Cairo International Conference Center, Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Interior, and the International Park 
  • Sporting clubs: Al Zohour Sporting Club, Al Ahly Sporting Club, Railway Sporting Club, Nasr City Sporting Club, Arab Contractors Sporting Club, and a number of armed forces sporting clubs
  • Gyms, prowling allies, and kids amusement parks 
  • A number of trade malls: Sun City, Genena, City Stars, and if you looking for electronics and their spare parts, you can go to Serag Mall where you can find numerous stores for this kind of materials
  • Al Rahma Mosque and Al Rashdan Mosque 
  • In addition to multiple centers for clothes and furniture, restaurants, and cafes 
  • And a group of private and international schools 

Last updated prices in Nasr City’s areas

Real estate prices in Nasr City vary according to the area where it’s located. In Nasr City, living standards vary from low, middle, to high classes.

Here are real estate meter price averages in some of Nasr City’s most significant areas:

  • Makram Ebeid: EGP 7,000/meter
  • Abbas Al Akkad: about EGP 7,500/meter
  • The Seventh District: about EGP 6,000/meter
  • The Tenth District: about EGP 4,000/meter
  • Ezbet El Haganah: about EGP 2,000/meter
  • Zahraa Madinet Nasr: EGP 3,700/meter
  • Mostafa Al Nahas: EGP 5,300/meter
  • Rabaa Al Adweia: EGP 8,500/meter

*It’s worth mentioning that above prices are valid for March, 2018, and they are naturally chargeable. Thus, we, in Aqarmap, based on our keen on providing our clients with the latest prices, periodically update prices lists.

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