Latest salon designs and decorations for 2020

Salon 2020 Decorations… New Trends

Join us in this article to know about the latest designs and decorations of the salon for 2020, where it is one of the most important rooms in the apartment. The salon is the room where we receive guests, and sometimes we use it as a living room in the absence of an additional room.

Therefore, care must be taken in choosing its colors and selecting decorative pieces appropriate to the shape and size of the room.

Salon Decorations that are suitable for each space

Salon decoration designs vary in size and shape. There is a square-shaped salon which differs in its design and used furniture from the rectangle.

Moreover, the large area differs in its design from the limited space. in case of a small salon room,, we will use tricks of designs besides visual tricks through decoration and lighting to enlarge the room and exploit the corners to highlight the beauty of the room.

Some ideas for Salon Decorations in 2020

Here are some ideas to help you choose the right decor:

  • If the salon is small in size, use a set of simple non-multi-piece sofas to avoid space constraints. You can be satisfied with three or four pieces of sofa.
  • Do not forget to inquire about the quality of the wood used for the decor, because there are many types of wood that wear out quickly, especially if the pressed carton is among the materials of the decorative pieces.
  • You can use the best types of wood used in the decoration, which is beech, to get long life furniture.
  • If the salon is limited in size, you can buy a modern sofa with a locker, which is a design designed to provide spaces in confined areas. Choose two or more seats to suit the salon space.
  • If you like sectional sofas, they are more suitable for salon styles U and L.

Tips on how to choose salon curtains

Choosing curtains for the salon room is very important because it is the front of the apartment. Here are some tips to help you buy the right curtains for the salon room:

  • If you want to try curtains detailing, make sure that the long curtains design touches the salon floor, not shorter or longer, to avoid the messy look.
  • Make sure to choose valuable curtains for the salon room.
  • Measuring the height of the wall is very important before buying curtains. Some apartments are designed with a low or  high height. If the wall is a low height, choose the design of the curtains without a cornice to give you a fake height of the room wall.

Latest designs and decorations 

If you are a fan of trendy and modern decors, we have brought you some modern designs and decor for salons and reception rooms for 2020.

Gray and pink salon room design

You can choose gray shades for the salon walls with the purchase of furniture and decor in light pink, as this elegant design is one of the latest designs of the salon rooms.

Oil design with white for salon room

If you want an attractive design for your salon, choose white or off white for the walls of the room, with oil pieces and plush fabrics.

Modern cashmere with white and gold for the living room

Cashmere is the best modern decoration for 2020, you can try purchasing cashmere decorative pieces with white wall color and add gold motifs and patterns. Then, you will get a luxurious and modern salon.

White design with baby blue for the living room

This design is no less important than the cashmere and white design of the living room. The decorators have chosen the color of Baby Blue and its grades as the decoration and furniture fashion for the year 2020. You can choose Baby Blue for the decor with white for the walls. Then, you will get a salon with a thin and wonderful design.

Off white design with navy blue for the salon room

One of the charming designs of the salon room is mixing off white or white with navy blue. Choose off white for wall painting with decorative pieces in navy blue, and tile flooring or off white ceramic.

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