Unique Features only exist in Madinaty

Madinaty Compound in New Cairo

In this article, you can know more about the features that you will not find anywhere else except in Madinaty, an international city on Egyptian land and constructed by Talaat Moustafa Group.

This global village is designed by employing 3 major American design companies, which are specialized in designing major residential cities, namely (HHCP – SASAKI – SWA). These companies  have a long history in the field of architectural design.

The project covers an area of 8,000 feddans; where the residential units of blocks and villas overlook large green spaces and open gardens, granting unparalleled impressive scenery  that you see right in front of your eyes when you are sitting in the garden or inside your apartment to look out of the window.

Fully Integrated Residential Community

The city of more than 30 million m2 is based on a vision which targets to provide a fully integrated residential community equipped with all amenities, in terms of planning, construction and entertainment. Therefore, about 27 million m2 are allocated to the residential areas in all phases, along with the services of the units, while approximately 6 million m2 are dedicated to the huge services in the project.

Unique Services and Features 

The city is located in a very significant and ideal place to be an extension of New Cairo.

The project lies on Cairo – Suez Road at kilo 33, directly 2 km away from the entrance of El Shorouk City .

Additionally, it just about 10 minutes away from Heliopolis, 20 minutes away from Cairo Downtown, and just very few steps away from Al Rehab.

Madinaty is actually one of the best and largest  New Cairo Compounds. It is also located near important roads and main axes, such as the New Second Ring Rd. The city is 10 km long, 4,5 km deep, and 270 m2 height above sea level, creating a mild atmosphere throughout the year.

Advantages of Living in Madinaty 

You will find unique features that you will not find except in this marvelous residential compound, Madinaty, and particularly at its residential units that offer high-level villas and apartments with different spaces and multiple models, as well as ventilation and good lighting, giving you a healthy life.

Moreover, each residential building has a view of more than one “corner”, and each unit overlooks spacious green areas, giving residents tranquility, comfort and privacy.

Another important advantage is that the city does not allow commercial centers or any commercial activity within residential buildings and that each unit has its own garage.

As for the villas, you will be astonished by many advantages. The villas in Madinaty overlook open green areas, including golf courses with sparkling artificial lakes.

Spacious Areas and Various Options

Large areas offer many options of 1,000 of residential units so as to suit all needs.

The buildings area  offers apartments for sale and apartments for rent in Madinaty with various designs to meet all needs and tastes. Furthermore, it provides private gardens for ground floors.

Besides, all buildings are offered with areas  starting from 42 m2  and up to 4350 m 2, and equipped with electronic elevators.

Apartments are distributed to many areas and phases of progress (B1 B2 B3), (B6), (B11 B7), (B10), (B8), (B12)

The villas area offers villas for sale and villas for rent in Madinaty, overlooking magnificent areas of artificial lakes and golf courses.

Moreover, it offers various areas and different models that suit all needs with building areas starting from 259 m 2and up to 660 m 2, and land areas starting from 330 m 2and up to 1,556 m 2, along with landscaping upon the needs of the client.

Villas are divided into several models, B5 (Villas B5), (Villas Golf Area B4), Villas GolfB1), (Villas Golf Heights B2), ( VGIII).

15 Service Features that you will not find except in Madinaty  

Shopping and Commercial Services

It comes at the top of such wonderful amenities which the developer of the compound was keen on providing in the compound according to the latest shopping trends in the world.

Designed to meet the latest shopping requirements in the world, the Mall District offers all local and international products. Along with a variety of recreational activities, which make shopping fun and exciting journey.

Such commercial areas are divided into areas that mediate the residential units to provide the daily needs of the residents, in addition to other areas that gather in different parts of the city to provide all major services

Madinaty City Hall

It is an efficient and advanced office that contributes to the development of the city’s projects and is responsible for all maintenance and operation of residential areas and services.

Madinaty Banks Area

It is one of the service areas provided by the city, and includes a lot of important banks such as: CIB, Banque Misr, National Bank of Egypt, Arab African International Bank, Export Development Bank of Egypt, Union National Bank, Qatar National Bank, Bank Audi, and Faisal Bank.

Educational Services

The city dedicates major schools and various educational activities such as sports academies. It hosts 3 schools and a nursery, namely; the British International School in Madinaty, Madinaty Language School, Madinaty Integrated School and Kiddie College Nursery.

Medical Services

The city hosts a lot of medical centers equipped with the latest equipment and modern medical technologies; it provides a large health center of 56 clinics, and offers most medical specialties of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry, ophthalmology, cosmetology, physiotherapy, dermatology, and orthopedics , as well as all the laboratories, radiology centers, and pharmacies.

Madinaty Sports Club

The club covers an area of 200 feddans, and presents all educational, sports, social and cultural activities.

Madinaty Craft Zone

It lies at the fourth phase with an area of 56 feddans, distributed to 3 parts of the city, and provides services and activities for all the residents, including car services, craft services in all forms and home services.

Hygiene Systems

Madinaty management has introduced the eco-friendly garbage bins, which is not only the world’s newest system, which has entered the Middle East and Africa for the first time, but also is one of the first systems in the world.

The garbage bins are placed underground, providing a beautiful and cultural look. Collecting garbage methods do not distort the aesthetic shape of the city.

Transport Network

It has more than 22 bus lines running every half an hour, and 9 other internal lines.

Administrative Services Area

It hosts the major companies and administrative buildings and contains all offices and large companies.

Aqua Park

Recreational and Hotel Services

Facilities and Solid Infrastructure

Affordable Prices

The price per square meter* for apartments starts from EGP 12,500, and for villas from approximately EGP 19,000. These prices are according to the price plan of the first quarter of the current year.

Madinaty Mazaya Card

The city provides for its clients Madinaty Mazaya Card which offers discounts and sales for all clients of Talaat Moustafa Group. It offers discounts for commercial, medical and recreational centers within and outside the Group’s projects. You can extract it from Madinaty City Hall, with the Madinaty card, a personal photo, and an amount of EGP 10. The card will be printed and be provided to the wife, children, father and mother.

Note that the prices provided in the article are changeable. In Aqarmap, we are keen on updating the neighborhood price list  constantly to keep the consumer up to date in the Real Estate Market and measure demand indicators via Aqarmap Index.

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