Tips to choose your house paints

How to turn your house walls into a fine piece of art?

Your choice of house paints is a consistent and important element in displaying your house elegance; since it’s responsible for showing shape, area, and significance of the place. Sometimes, paints represent how modern or   classic the place is, according to your choice of colors which should be consistent with decoration objects. 

Thus, your choice of paints is a reflection of your own taste and view.


How to choose your house’s paints?

  1. Room area helps you choose the suitable colors; for example, cold colors, especially white, form the impression that the room looks bigger than reality. Besides, room shape is also important, as tall rooms look smaller than square rooms.
  2. Viewing the color in different times: color view in daylight is different from the night time.
  3. If you want to try new colors, you need to see them painted in place before you decide, as color hue on wall is different from paper.
  4. Color wheel is useful in choosing paint colors with their degrees and making new choices.
  5. Color grading is a perfect solution; it gives you a chance to make a good combination and consistency between paints and other decorative objects.
  6. You can use more than one color for one room, but you should consider their consistency with other objects like cupboards, beds, curtains, and carpets.
  7. Painting after choosing decoration objects and carpets limits your color choices. However, you can choose colors in consistence with these objects.
  8. Type of room has a role in choosing paints; since light colors are suitable for kids rooms, like pinkish, indigo, and light green. For bedrooms and living rooms, deep and dark colors, with their grades and combinations, are more appropriate.

Recommendations that should be taken into account

  • Don’t choose beaming colors that represent vigor and vitality, like red, for bedrooms
  • Yellow sometimes causes irritation, so it’s not advisable to be used for kids rooms. However, it can be used for kitchens.
  • Mount of light entering the room should be put into account; since light helps in showing the color and its effect in rooms or kitchens.
  • Curtains and furnishings help in choosing colors, but they are all changeable; thus, you should use mutual colors for rooms whose furnishings are constantly changed.
  • Avoid using engravings on walls along with paints; as they give the impression of tightness of space, and they are sometimes uncomfortably for eyes.
  • Paints of house walls is a vital factor for achieving comfort for all family members during the time they spend in the house.
  • Moreover, when family members participate in choosing their preferred colors, they feel that they own the place. Moreover, any compliments they get about their choices, it positively influences their compatibility and acceptance of the house. Thus, color consistency with decoration, furnishings, and curtains helps in creating a comforting atmosphere for family members.

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