Adding touch of color to your home

In this article, Aqarmap offers you tips and information about painting and adding colors to you home.

Colors reflect people’s personalities, so by adding specific hue to your your home, it would spread laughter, coziness and loads of positive energy into the house.

You don’t have to lift a brush to brighten up your spaces with color. Window treatments, furnishings, and accessories are simple ways to add a little color to your decor.

Colors of the rooms in your home are a main reflection of your personality. While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about his/her room color, however, it may impact us everyday and can make our stay at home more enjoyable. 

A room color can influence moods, thoughts and personalities. Thus, there are some tips you need to follow while painting and decorating your home.

First thing you need to do when decorating a particular room; you need to divide the colors into percentages:

  • 60% of a dominant color
  • 30% of a secondary color
  • 10% of an accent color

For example:

  • 60% of the room’s color goes to the walls
  • 30% of the room’s color is allocated to the textile
  • 10% of the room’s color is an object or a floral arrangement

So this rule should be followed while painting and decorating each room in the house. We will start by picking a color for the largest, most centrally located room, this will most likely be your living room so it’s a great place to start working on your whole-house palette. 

Choosing a soft, neutral color for the main room will make picking the other colors related to the same room a lot easier. So starting with the white color will be the easiest, the simplest and most elegant choice every time. If you don’t like white color that much, you can go for a creamy color, or the off white one.

After you choose the main color of the walls then you ARE READY to go for the 30% ratio and choose what it will be like, will it be just one color, or you would like to have a mix.

If you like things to look elegant and classy, you can choose the creamy or the off white color, a darker hue but yet a colorful scheme, and a bright dark purple can make things just fine. Moreover, you can add a little bit of a bright yellow.

Now after you finished the 60% of the room with soft neutral color, and choosing the other colorful main color which represent 30% of the whole room. It’s time to choose wisely the final touch of the room  which represents 10% of the room color, you can add it in the shape of vase with different colored flowers, or by adding some Photo frames or maybe some wall stickers.

Here are tips and tricks of how to add colors to your home

1-Colorful Seating

Adding colors to your home can be simply done by just adding some colors to some old chairs the you were about to throw away as they look very dull and not useful at all

You will only need some basic materials and tools

1- Painter’s tape

2- Small amounts of different colors paints

3- Paint brush

4- Paint remover

5- White gloves


1- You will first need to make sure that the chair is perfectly clean, with no holes and cracks , if there are any, you will need to use paste to fill the gaps.

2- After that you can start to search the internet to find some inspiration

3- Be creative  and start painting and after you finish you will find a great piece of art that adds life to your home.

2- Get Floral

Complete the look of your home by adding flowers as a decoration, Whether displaying them individually or choosing to combine them into specifically designed floral arrangements, you will change your home to a beautiful and unique place.

3- Understand lighting effects

Sight is a dominant sense of humans so getting your home in the right light is like creating a work of art. The secret is to know exactly what type of light you’re working with.

4- Colorful Pillows

Having colorful with different patterns pillows are one of the easiest ways to add colors with no effort at all to your home. So, when you use some pillows with different patterns which are being sold with cheap prices, you have to get them immediately  as they can add color, fun and comfort to your home.

You can buy them, or you can just buy the plain white pillow and start making the cover by your own sense. You can use the internet to search for some inspiration and some DIYs.

5- Rugs

When trying to choose a beautiful rug for your home you have many things to consider, so here are 5 tips in searching a rug for your home:

– Size: 

This is probably one of the most important things to consider and you have to differentiate between the use of small rugs and the use of large ones. For example: a small rug can highlight a small area like a coffee table while a large rug works best in open areas such as a lounge room.

– Placement :

Always make sure that you place a rug in the right place , try not to put it near a door so it won’t wrinkle every time the room door opens or closes.

– Identify what aspect of the room you want to highlight.

– Color :

If you are using a rug in a room full of dark furniture and decoration, you can use a faint bright color to make the contrast needed to show the beauty of each piece in the room.

– Carpet material :

Give a great attention to the material of the rug and decide what you want, maybe you want something that is durable, or you want something that is cleaned easier.

6- Curtains 

Curtains add beauty to any room and they are very important to finish the design of the room decoration. In fact, it’s always the missing ingredient, a white transparent curtain letting the sunlight come flawlessly, is totally different from a thick colorful curtain that reflect every color detail in the room. So thinking wisely of how the curtain will be has become more crucial when decorating any room.

7- Use Folding screens

Folding screens is a type of free-standing furniture. Which you can use as a beautiful piece of art in your home, you can use it as a frame hangers , or whatever you want. It’s simple, it does not take much space and it always adds a touch of creativity to room.

You can easily make it at home:

You will need :

  • 3 Bi-Fold Doors
  • 6 Hinges
  • Screwdriver
  • Primer and Paint
  • Paint Brush

Just connect the three pieces of wood together with the hinges, once they are connected bring the primer and the paint, and start painting it with the color you want.

And congratulations you have a very beautiful piece

8- Wall stickers

Wall stickers have a variety of usage as you can use it to hide a stain in the wall that is hard to be cleaned, or you can use it to add a touch of creativity, or you may use it as a main decorative part of your room

At the end you need to add your personality to every corner of your home. Your home can reflect laughter, coziness and loads of positive energy.

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