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In this article, you will learn about the best administrative units for rent in Nasr City, which is one of the Greater Cairo districts and a dynamic and ancient residential area.

Nasr City was built to be an extension of Heliopolis. Nasr City is divided into two districts: “Sharq District – Gharb District.”

The area of Nasr City extends for approximately 250 km. It is considered to be one of the major districts in Egypt.

Nasr City was established as a new city during the era of late President Gamal Abdel Nasser during July 23 Revolution. The area was characterized by luxurious buildings, high-quality services, companies and major bodies.

Nasr City is a large commercial center and a destination for all offices and companies having a desire in searching for administrative units for rent in Nasr City, which is suitable for being clinics, offices, and headquarters for small companies.

The best districts for renting offices and establishing companies in Nasr City

As we mentioned, the area is divided into two districts, the first is Gharb District and it consists of (6th district – 7th district) and it has about 80000 inhabitants. The district also includes a number of influential landmarks such as Cairo International Stadium, Olympic District, International Market Area, and Al-Azhar University.

As for Sharq District, it has about 800000 inhabitants and is divided into “districts” including (Rabbaa – Al-Tawfiq – Al-Sadat – Golf – 6th Area – 9th Area – 10th Area – 11th Area – Al Hay Al Asher – 1st, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 7th Area – Ezbet Al-Hagana – The International Park).

The two districts are distinguished by the diversity of their housing starting from the high-class to medium housing. It is a gateway and a front for everyone who searches for apartments for rent in Nasr City suitable for being clinics, offices, and headquarters for small companies due to its diversity in areas and geographical location, in addition to prices, services, facilities, institutions, bodies, companies, and all entertaining, marketing and sport activities as well.

The famous streets of Nasr City and major business opportunities

Among the most famous streets of Nasr City are Hassan Al-Mamoun Street, Abbas Al-Akkad Street, Makram Ebeid Street, Mostafa Al-Nahhas Street, Al-Tayaran Street and Al-Nasr Road. There are also some famous landmarks such as (City Star – Al-Sarraj Mall – Tiba Mall – Genena Mall – Health Insurance).

That is why Nasr City is considered as one of the areas that leads to the highest search for offices and shops for renting and for owning as well.

Places of administrative units in Nasr City and services

Nasr City is characterized by good division and commercial activity. It includes the best districts to rent offices and establish companies in Nasr City as the city is considered to be one of the most important investment areas in Egypt.

The disadvantage of the area is being overcrowded most of the time and in most of its districts due to having important vital bodies and institutions, as well as the expansion of the commercial activity. However, this may be a great advantage for those who are looking for financial and commercial marketability. 

The housing units of the area also vary including luxurious buildings, towers, villas and palaces as well; therefore, we find many people looking for apartments for rent in Abbas Al-Akkad Nasr City due to having all the available levels which meet the desire of all individuals.

Nasr City can be also reached from more than one area via Al-Nasr Road, Al-Shahid Axis, or Ring Road. It can also be reached via the underground, as well as the diversity of means of transportation that take you to Nasr City from anywhere, or from Nasr City itself, where all types of transportation are varied. 

The advantages of the administrative units in Nasr City

Also, the areas of the housing buildings vary in a way that makes you do not be obliged to accept what you have. In Nasr City, there are many apartments with large spaces as the areas start from 70 square meters up to 500 square meters.

As we stated, the real estates in Nasr City vary; including apartments, duplexes, roofs, youth housing, villas, and luxurious apartments which are located in many districts and in a number of wonderful compounds in Nasr City. In addition, there are units suitable for being clinics, offices, and headquarters for many small companies that we can find in Abbas Al-Akkad Street and shops for rent in Makram Ebeid Street in Nasr City.

There are also furnished apartments in Mostafa Al-Nahhas Nasr City. It is also possible to rent an apartment suitable for being an office or an administrative company in Nasr City in Makram Ebeid or Abbas Al-Akkad as the prices of the administrative rents there vary from EGP 4,000 up to EGP 20,000 depending on the area, view, and finishing and this is according to the first quarter of the current world.

The areas of this region reach 450 square meters. Apartments in Nasr City can also be rented at a price suitable for the middle classes due to its many popular districts such as Al Hay Al Asher, 6th District, Zahraa Nasr City and others.

Your guide to the best administrative units in Nasr City and its features

The units in Nasr City are unique in terms of luxury, attractiveness, and charming design, as well as the quality of facilities and the capacity of services surrounding the units. It is located in the best districts to rent offices and establish companies in Nasr City.

If you are looking for apartments for rent in Nasr City, for example, you can search in “Al-Waha District”, which is an average district that is frequently searched for by those who are looking for apartments for rent in Nasr City as there are many medium-priced apartments.

Zahraa Nasr City is also a famous area in Nasr City and one of the army cities that offer units for low-income individuals.

Nasr City is generally considered as a luxurious district in Egypt as it contains a number of malls and a large sport stadium.

There are different types of residential levels in Nasr City. It generally includes the most expensive areas in Greater Cairo, such as the first area in Nasr City and it is considered a popular area inhabited by foreigners and aristocratic (upper class) people.

There are also a large number of luxurious residential buildings, various villas, and large companies and that is why many people are looking for renting apartments in Nasr City that are suitable for being clinics, offices, and headquarters for small companies in the first district.

The area also has a number of great features including malls, language schools, mosques, churches, banks, restaurants and clubs as well.

It is followed by the 6th district in Nasr City, which is also one of the most luxurious residential areas. It is located near City Stars and it has great services, then, the 7th district and 9th district.

* It is worth mentioning that the prices stated in the article are changeable. In Aqarmap, we are keen on updating the price list of the districts, so as the consumer will be able to know the changes in the real estate market.   


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