6 ideas to have more beautiful bathroom

In this article, Aqarmap provides you 6 solutions for problems you might face in your bathroom.

Bathroom is the quiet corner where we take a rest from the noise of a hard and exhausting work day. We always seek to keep it clean, tidy and comfortable. This world of décor always provides you with new ideas that help you achieve your goal. Today, Aqarmap provides you with 6 ideas that make your home bathroom more beautiful and elegant.a

In contrary to what we have mentioned, some neglect this important space and do not give it enough attention, but rather consider it a void that does not need an expert advice or a design. Most of us usually make some common mistakes that make the bathroom loses its beauty and makes the goal of relaxation and comfort unattainable.

Find out 6 ideas as magic solutions to have a fabulous bathroom

Small bathroom … but tidy

Having small bathroom space is a problem that makes its usage very difficult and it stands as a barrier between people and their needs.

For instance, you will find it difficult to choose a comfortable bathtub or choose the right colors freely.

But with decor experts; there is no problem without a solution. There are magic solutions for small bathrooms to keep them neat and bright.

Bathroom sink unit is an essential and indispensable element, even if they are just open shelves or choosing a side drawer unit for organizing bathing tools, towels and cleaning supplies or a set of shelves above the toilet or next to a bathroom mirror.

The shower curtain as a solution for a clean bathroom

The bathroom cleaning problem always disturbs the house lady, as with every use of the bathroom, it must be cleaned in order to smell good and to have a dry floor.

However, the problem of frequent cleaning may be solved with a simple, but the basic idea, which is the shower curtain. It is an irreplaceable item if you choose an open bath or shower; without it, you will not be able to keep the bathroom clean all the time.

In addition, you can use the small carpets that are made of materials intended for the bathroom and have a high ability to absorb water and fast drying. These carpets will not be a disturbance source of  an unpleasant smell or excessive wetness in the bathroom floor.

Lighting units … a key to a comfortable bathroom

A dark bathroom is the most common problem in our homes, due to our lack of interest in distributing appropriate lighting to that space.

Depending on the bathroom window as a main source of lighting is not enough to solve this problem of poor lighting. Bathroom windows are small and not fully function.

Therefore, the interior lighting units must vary between natural and artificial. There shall be also artificial, side, and hanging lighting units that are attached to the wall as well.  So you will enjoy comfortable lighting that is suitable for any activity in the bathroom.

Storage boxes for more organization

The kitchen and bathroom are always subject to that chaos and mess because there are many things to be used frequently in all activities within their walls.

The magic solution is to take care of sorting and arranging these items in a smart way. You can seek small boxes or storage boxes that will help you keep your bathroom always organized and tidy.

You can use some tricks to solve the problem of small kitchen decor.

Glass separator of … shower cabin

If you do without a bathtub and choose an open shower solution, we may find that the curtain solution is not that effective solution.

So, the glass separator is the solution and you will find different options on the market that vary in form and price. You will find what suits you.

Make it as your dream … so you will not get bored

Sometimes you get bored despite the good design, because it lacks an identity that resembles you.

So experts advise to leave a touch or to add an item of your own; your own taste or related to a specific memory, so that boredom never finds a way to your heart.

Even in the bathroom, you may make a storage unit or place a small plate that adorns your bathroom and makes it special.

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