8 golden tips for designing your own home in Scandinavian style

Have you ever thought about designing your home in the Scandinavian style? If not, what do you know about the Scandinavian style? What is the difference between it and the simplistic or minimalism style?

Actually the difference is big but very simple, which is the goal of the model itself.

It is common to use the simplistic model to provide resources and dispense with what excesses our needs. However, the Scandinavian is a simple model in its elements, which are its most prominent features.

Lately, the Scandinavian style has become one of the latest trends in the world of decoration. A lot of people choose it for its easy implementation. It’s also suitable for limited budgets. Moreover, it’s flexible in designing small spaces.

The designation of this style dates back to Scandinavia, a peninsula in northern Europe, consisting of the kingdoms (Denmark, Norway and Sweden).

The Swedish style is the most distinctive in Scandinavian style, and the most widespread as well.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the only difference between the Scandinavian and simplistic style is the goal of saving resources.

Where the Scandinavian style used the minimalist and simplistic style in its designs, and it was credited with the return to the use of soft and faded colors and the foreground of white and the merging of wood to light degrees.

It also took care of natural and industrial lighting, as one of its main priorities was to obtain bright and healthy voids.

The Scandinavian style is based on the choice of natural materials and calm colors, and simple minimal lines and configurations such as triangles and cross lines.

The style has evolved in Scandinavia since the 1950s, and relied on the use of wood for designs, the choice of almost uniform colors and most of them are from the heart of natural materials.

Find out 8 golden tips for designing your home in Scandinavian style

The white color of the walls is dominant

Choosing the white color for the walls as the primary color and combine it with some light and dull colors or the nude shades of all colors.

You can also learn how to choose home paint colors.

Choice of wooden floors

Wooden floors are the first choice in Scandinavian style followed by traditional tiles and we recommend light grades and geometric patterns.

Scandinavian-style furniture design

Wooden with light degrees, simple design and furniture core as experts call it as visible and not colored or covered with upholstery or fabrics.

You will not find Scandinavian-style designs available in the traditional galleries, but sometimes you will have to design them from scratch with specialists or head to IKEA as it is the flagship store for this model.


The most important feature of the Scandinavian style is the simplicity of its elements and its limited cost. So you will find more usage of handicrafts such as crochet, kilims, accessories made of wicker, wool… etc.

Natural lighting is important as well as artificial one

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Scandinavian style is its bright and shiny spaces. This style is interested in natural lighting where you will find that there are not any curtains to preserve the natural lighting all over the day.

This is due to the nature of these countries where this style was adopted. These countries have very cold weather and always yearn for warm sunlight.

However, in our country, curtains have an essential function to protect homes from heat and hot sun at peak time.

You cannot go without accessories

It is a complement item to the design without which the Scandinavian style will lose many of its features. The use of copper accessories, mirrors and tablets made of more than one piece. In addition to the use of furnishings and carpets made of fur, wool and Chamois.

Metal and simple lighting units

The choice of lighting units is an important step in the Scandinavian design. This model is concerned with the diversity of lighting units in terms of spotlights, both hanging and stable lamps as well as lampshades.

Smart furniture for small areas

The most distinctive characteristic of that model is being suitable for small areas that may require intelligence and the expert attention in order to succeed in designing and meeting your needs through it.

The usage of smart furniture pieces with multiple functions is the most important mean of designing.

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