How to design your living room in elegant style of Vintage

In this article, we provide you with remarkable tips that help you design your living room in a Vintage style.

Vintage style for decoration represents goodness, originality, and elegance. It’s a simulation and a copy of the 1960s and earlier, with a modern view that copes with modern decoration and fashion. 

Nostalgia is the title for this style; since it’s preferred by those who have an interest in heritage and appreciate old things, considering them valuable and precious!

This style has lately received a great consideration from decorators, and it has strongly returned among cafes, restaurants, and houses’ designs.

Moreover, decorators use some old and 60s furniture, with some classic accessories and colours. There is no mind about adding a joyful and modern touch.

Vintage style belongs to the culture of each country including its heritage, colours, and styles. However, all designs are gathered in  the definite characteristics of Vintage style.


Color choice is generally considered as an important step. Check the latest decoration colours for 2019/2020, to be acquainted with the height of fashion and trends.

But today, we are talking about designing the living room in Vintage style. It significantly depends on white, brown, and beige as main colors of the design. Different colors can be also added like, and most famous, yellow, green, and blue. They can be used for accessories, carpets, or plants for example.

Main elements for designing the living room in Vintage style

Wood is definitely the main element in 60s decorations; thus, this is also the case in Vintage style.

Besides, it’s the main driver of this style in terms of furniture, accessories, doors, and other main elements; all of which create the best view of the style.

Wood is a solid material and reflects the meaning of power and long age, and this is what is targeted by Vintage style which tends to restore old times.

Materials and manual works are more expensive and precious

In Vintage style, natural or manual elements are more expensive and precious.

Therefore, most of the objects and the main materials of this design come from real leather, Kilim rugs, frond, and wood.

All of these materials reflect design’s connection to its environment and the country to which it belongs. 

Accessories and design appurtenances are the prettiest in Vintage style

Unrefined and heritage accessories are the most significant characteristic of Vintage style; since they reflect the span of 60s to which Vintage belongs.

Thus, there is no mind about adding gramophone instead of modern music players. Or,  some unrefined wooden shelves can be used as a substitute for home library. 

Oriental touches, like carpets, domestic Kilim rugs, Crochet tablecloths, and small pillows, can be used with traditional colours and engravings.

White color and wood … for floors and ceilings 

Vintage style permanently uses wooden floors and plain ceilings or decorated with wooden timbers and rafters; all of which belong to 60s.

In addition to the high altitude or bearing walls houses.

Vintage and music…. Endless love

Vintage is always connected with music. As mentioned before, gramophone is one of Vintage touches. 

However, you can add another musical instrument that you use, or put it as a decorative object, like: Piano, Oud, or all kinds of drums. 

These instruments add beauty and luxury of  Vintage style to your house, and restore a special pattern of your design; which is music and beauty. 

Integration of past and present

Finally, Aqarmap presents a trendy advice on how to integrate the past with the present; using Vintage style with a modern and stylish touch. 

Vintage touches can be added to your modern, Scandinavian, or Retro style, which shall easily add the spirit of 60s to your design that you won’t need to change.


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